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Quality, innovation and service – are what keeps Dennis Clements returning to buy Hansa’s chippers for his growing arborist business.

As owner and Operations Manager of Total Tree Care, Dennis currently owns four Hansa chippers in total –purchasing his first one 25 years ago.

Priding itself on design, Hansa’s machines are making a name for themselves in the arborist community around the world. With a Brisbane-based warehouse to enable direct supply into Australia and headquarters across the ditch in New Zealand, customers can rely on the instant backup from a Hansa team member.

Dennis, a former engineer, doesn’t mind showing off his machines to other arborists, including competitors.

“The features that stand out on a Hansa chipper is build quality, back up and definitely innovation. Quite regularly we have other arborists and contractors ring us asking us about our machines and how they perform, they often come to visit to try them out and they always walk away with a smile on their face,” says Dennis.

“The weight of the chippers is a big selling point to many customers; the steel body is not made too lightly like the smaller UK machines or too heavy like American’s.” Dennis continued, “We find the service, quality and back-up service second to none – they are fine made machines. We found if there is a problem – which is rare – it’s fixed straight away unlike American or English products where you have to wait for parts to ship.”

With one of their most popular chippers (the C27HS) being under 750kg, it is suitable to be towed by most vehicles and its powerful hydraulic feed system also means it can handle a broad variety of material that you might expect from a bigger chipper. Its 7” x 13” wide feed opening is a versatile size that directs forked, bushy and twisted branches into the machine with ease. C27, the next model up, also comes with an innovative 360-degree rotating turntable perfect for chipping and feeding from any angle.

And although the C60 and C60RX are smaller than 12 to 18-inch US made machines, many customers are surprised to find how well a sub-2000kg machine actually performs and fits into their fleet. With an impressive 18” wide opening it’s easy to see why this machine is the preferred model for the professionals. Available in a wheeled or a trackedsetup, with remote operated controls as a standard, allows the operator to navigate over rough terrain or soft ground from a safe distance. You simply control the feed-rate with the control bar and the rest is automatic. The draft action of the rotor will blow the chips into any size truck or stockpile on the ground and the 360° rotating outlet chute can change direction within seconds.

Hansa is always innovating, with the customer’s needs being the focus they’ve been able to add in extra features and re-design over the years. Optional features developed by Hansa include a lift and crush (allows the operator to lift the infeed wheel and ‘crush’ materials with heavy foliage) and a hydraulic winch with wireless remote to enable feeding into the C60 chippers reducing manual feeding.

With the help from Dennis’ feedback, the Hansa team have also been able to re-design to eliminate an issue he was having with other machines – making it easy to refuel without the risk of getting diesel-bug in the tank.

“In the past we would have trouble with fuel tanks on the chippers and having to fillup with containers on the job, so they’ve re-designed everything, giving us larger fuel tanks with the ability to fill them up at the service station on the way home.”

“We asked for a colour variation and their attitude is ‘can do, will do’. We asked for bright yellow because of some of our commercial work on site, we needa bright colour for health and safety reasons. The innovation that Hansa and their engineers and management are capable of is incredible.”

For more information visit http://hansaproducts.com.au or call 1800 426 722.

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