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South Australian Society of Arboriculture Seminar – Trees and the Law.

The South Australian Society of Arboriculture (SASA) has recently been restarted by chairman Tom Stevens and a small group of other board members who are working hard to help the organisation thrive again. With growing membership numbers and big plans for the future, SASA aims to begin by building trust back within the SA arboriculture industry. Their first initiative was to run a mini seminar on ‘Trees and the Law’ which was delivered by Michael Palamountain.

The event cost attendees $5 for a two-hour seminar, followed by a BBQ and drinks, which was a great opportunity for participants to network in a relaxed environment.

The seminar focussed on managing trees in the urban landscape of metropolitan Adelaide. Arborists and tree contractors must be familiar with how trees are protected under the law. Arborists must be aware of the legal status of trees, what is permitted under the law and when development applications are required. The information covered important legislation based on the Development Act 1993.

This discussion forum provided an opportunity for members to review, discuss and;

  • Understand what legislation applies to trees in metropolitan Adelaide
  • Understand the framework of the legislation
  • Understand what exemptions apply under the legislation
  • Understand what is permitted under the legislation
  • Understand when a development application is required and when tree reports are required
  • Ensure staff/contractors understand when tree works are permitted

After receiving some very positive feedback from attendees, SASA has taken confidence to move forward and continue offering ‘value added’ events to all those interested. SASA and its members are striving to help the South Australian arboriculture industry be a safe, respected and well-connected network of people that take care of our beautiful trees.

SASA is still looking for more members.

To become a member or for more information, please email [email protected] or Call Tom on 0478 982 994.

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