Safety Solutions

Safety eyewear has become an important and integral part of life.

No matter whether you’re at work, home or play, the high number of risks causing eye injury reinforces the need to wear quality safety eyewear.

In the dark but not too distant past, eye protection was ugly, clumsy and uncomfortable… and don’t even think about prescription glasses… those clumsy over specs that didn’t fit and obstructed vision. Luckily, thanks to innovations in technology, now you purchase sexy eye protection that look as good on the bike as it does at work – while still providing the best protection available against eye injuries.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to eye protection. The frame and lens needed will be different from person to person, and from activity to activity.

Shamir OHS not only offers an extensive range of safety and sun eyewear for both prescription and non-prescription lenses, but they also offer one of the largest available ranges of impact resistant lens materials, high performance coatings and frame technologies. Their safety lenses are often made polycarbonate or Trivex® making them thinner, lighter and ideal for long term wear.

Their lenses are Australian made and made to Australian and New Zealand Safety Eye Protection standards meaning that not only are they designed and made by Australians, but they’re certified to keep your eyes safe during almost any activity.

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