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QAA – actively representing and promoting the development of professional arboricultural standards; the lead industry body supporting the tree care profession in Queensland and Northern NSW since 1992.

Welcoming in the 2020 New Year, QAA’s Executive led by new President Bill Wilcock is proud to take the QAA into its 28th year!

Whilst the political debates rage surrounding current climatic conditions, bushfires and drought, Arborists are indeed in a unique position to help. You could say that there has never been a more important time for Arborists to upgrade or gain new professional qualifications, to update or learn business skills and to keep WH&S qualifications up to date.

Whether you are located in, urban, peri-urban or rural areas of Queensland or northern New South Wales, the QAA’s 2020 Training and Workshop Programme has something for all Members and for those interested in undertaking a career path in Arboriculture.

Adding excitement to our year, the QAA is looking forward to welcoming interstate and international colleagues to Queensland in May as Arboriculture Australia brings its National Conference to the Gold Coast May 14 – 19, 2020!

Workshop and Training 2020

March 2020

MIS305: Tree Climbing

Techniques for Access, Work Positioning and Descent

When: Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 March

Where: Cleveland HQ

TRAQ Renewal Course When: Monday 16 March Where: Cleveland HQ

TRAQ Full Course

When: Tuesday 17 – Thursday 18 March

Where: Cleveland HQ

TRAQ Full Course

When: Tuesday 17 – Thursday 18 March

Where: Cleveland HQ


When: Monday 23 – Tuesday 24 March

Where: Cleveland HQ

MAY 2020

MIS303: Tree Dismantling

Techniques for rigging and aerial tree

removal operations

When: Tuesday 5 May and Wednesday 6

Where: Cleveland HQ

Arboriculture Australia Conference

When: Tuesday 12 – Tuesday 19 May

Where: Gold Coast


Plant Identification, Soils And Fungi Workshops

When: Dates to be confirmed

Where: Cleveland HQ

July 2020

MIS304: Aerial Rescue

Techniques for rescuing stranded and/or injured climbers

When: Tuesday 7 – Wednesday 8 July

Where: Cleveland HQ

Members and interested attendees are encouraged to regularly check in to the QAA’s App, Website and Facebook pages for further Event, workshop and training day information. Bookings can be made through our App or online via the events page: https://qaa.net.au/event-directory/.

Early bird and Member discounts apply! Don’t be shy – come along and see why trained Arborists are so passionate about safety through education.

New Year welcome from QAA’s 2020-2021 President, Bill Wilcock

In his hand over address to me at last year’s AGM, retiring QAA President Roger Rankine reflected that the last few years have passed quickly and that there has been a great deal of development and advancement in the QAA as an Association.

With much of the housekeeping reviews now complete, initiatives and upgrades in place, the next two years are planned to continue along the same pathway. Sustaining the momentum, with the priorities of growing membership numbers, tuning members engagement, sponsorships and relationships with QAA’s affiliate organisations.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our grateful thanks to all our Sponsors. Our Association, QAA, and its members benefit in so many ways from the generosity of so many providers. In particular our Sponsors – Industry Fitzpatrick Insurance, Event – Stihl®, Gold – Bandit Tree Equipment, ETS and Husqvarna Group, Silver – Vermeer, Allclass, Bronze – Treescape, Powerclear, BOQ Forest Lake, Website and IT – Mooncog. In return, these companies appreciate your loyal custom!

We are also looking forward to the visit of our affiliate State, National and International Arboricultural association colleagues this year for Arboriculture Australia’s National Conference at Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast, May 12 – 19.

Of particular interest will be further education sessions on the Arboriculture Australia developed Minimum Industry Standards (MIS) which are proudly supported by QAA. Categorising the industry into formal descriptive skill sets has been an immense task and a number have now been printed and published in individual volumes that are straight forward and understandable to read.

Whilst still a work in progress this has been a colossal task and we congratulate all those who have and continue to assist in their development. It is anticipated that many benefits will flow from these MIS including increased safety standards, lower workplace incidents and lower insurance premiums.

“Our Executive Committee for the 2020 year has some old, some new and even some returnees and I am looking forward to working with this team of significant and truly capable, dedicated arborists. I am looking forward to meeting more members and to spreading the word, that the QAA is your Association and your opportunity to relate

significantly to the Tree Industry. The business we are in is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries. The QAA exists to help industry participants, as members, from an industry perspective. Our strength is in our numbers united through a common bond – as I have said before don’t go it alone.

See the QAA website at QAA.net.au for more details as well as constantly updated news and information.

This is a busy season, for our businesses. Notwithstanding that, our workload is compounded by drought, fire, storms and the urban sprawl that drastically changes the terms in which trees must exist. But they must exist: trees are one of only a few significant climate-mitigating factors that we can still nurture with positive results. And nurture them we must, if we, as a species, no, the most influential species, and our vital eco systems, are to survive.

Please – Maintain your skills! Update your training! Stay in touch! Stay safe! Enjoy the vibrant place we work in!

Please go safely in the New Year Season. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by so many recent weather events including all those living in, and working in areas of the catastrophic fires.

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