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It is a cliché but sadly true! The 2018/19 Summer break is really all over!

Looking back over the summer of 2019 A typical Queensland summer will include at least one cyclone; in fact Qld relies on these heavy rain events to top up parched soils and groundwater tables! This year though, we experienced extraordinary Bush Fires, more typically experienced in Australia’s southern regions, a monsoon of epic proportions in north and north-western Qld and the driest ever summer in south-east Qld as well as continuing drought in the mid and lower western regions of Qld. Our thoughts are with all our colleagues and those affected regions.

In such trying conditions it is no wonder that Arborists are increasingly fielding so many queries from worried tree owners, tree custodians and gardeners more generally. Weather patterns seem to be increasingly erratic and we are now heading into late autumn with little to no rain in sight.

This, of course, is not news to that offering advice or tree services however a sound understanding of how trees are or are likely to react is not only helpful but is important to our role in caring for trees and assisting to ensure they can survive these trying times. Also invaluable in explaining to our clients how resilient trees can be, what to expect of trees in questions and how to best manage their (Arboricultural) needs.

QAA’s 2019 Workshop Programme

QAA’s 2019 Workshop programme is full to the brim and those who have already participated in recent Workshops continue to update their skills and share knowledge with fellow colleagues. Improved understanding of tree biology, risk assessment and pest and disease identification can make the difference between early detection and successful management of tree health issues or tree health and structural failure. Attendees at our February course included employees from Swann’s Arboricultural Services and City Tree Services who enjoyed their course provided by Cliff from Trained Up.

Our grateful thanks to Tom Vassallo (VIC), Mark Roberts (NZ), Mike Ellison and his team and Janet McDonald (DAF) who have presented recent and upcoming Skills Impact, TRAQ and QTRA courses. Looking to make it easier for Arborists located outside of the immediate Brisbane area, QAA strives to provide courses in regional centres. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is an opportunity to bring a training course to your workplace or regional area! If you let us know QAA will be only too happy to arrange it for you!

QTCC 2019

If you are reading this and thinking; I’d like to compete in the Queensland Tree Climbing Championship, please mark your calendars for the weekend of 26th and 27th July! With a fantastic selection of Fig Tree Pocket’s famous Eucalypts, QAA’s popular feature event will be held in Fig Tree Pocket Riverside Reserves. Watch our website and social media pages for more information and to lodge your entry. Ps. Early entries will go into a special raffle to be announced closer to the date.

ArborcampTM 2019

Yes that’s right! Thanks to a hard-working team led by Ben Inman, Arborcamp™ is returning to QAA’s Event Calendar this year. Rocky Creek Scout Camp is the venue and the date is the weekend of 20th and 22nd September, 2019. Once again, keep a watch on our website and social media pages for more information and to lodge your entry.

Wondering what it takes to offer your services as an approved Arborist or to see your company listed on QAA’s Register of Approved Tree Contractors or Consultants?

Here’s a quick checklist! You should be able to provide:

Proof of experience and qualifications including AQF Level III for Registered Tree Contractors or AQF Level V for Registered Arboricultural Consultants

Proof of Insurances

  • Proof of experience and qualifications including AQF Level III for Registered Tree Contractors or AQF Level V for Registered Arboricultural Consultants
  • Proof of Insurances
  • Assurance and proof that you know how to prune correctly and have a thorough working knowledge of Australian Standards 4373:2007-Pruning of amenity trees and 4970:2009 – Protection of trees on development sites
  • Assurance and proof of work practice. That you, as a qualified Arborist know when to use climbing spikes – definitely not on your client’s prized feature garden tree!
  • Assurance and proof that as a qualified Arborist your kit contains PPE (personal safety gear including steel capped boots) and that
  • Assurance and proof that your machinery in good repair – your career and life depends on nothing less!

How to Start

If you are wondering where to find insurance cover for your gear and the work you will be undertaking look no further than your local association QAA. QAA and its valued Sponsors can help you attain your AQF qualifications and purchase all the

arboricultural gear you will need! It’s easy and it all begins with a call to the Office on (07) 3821 1488, an email to http://office@ qaa.net.au or enquiry through either our Webpage www.qaa.net.au or message through Facebook Messenger.

In short, if you display the QAA’s Logo you are driving the significant benefit of its advertisement. Members of the public expect that your Membership and insurances are up-to-date, your crews are skilled and experienced and that you are able to give the assurance (to your clients) that you are able to carry out the work that you have promised. Using this logo is a privilege not a right and it has a proven track record of qualifying your services or that of your company when competing for work.

Your questions are always welcome. Safety through education and training is central to everything QAA does for its Members! As always, stay safe, stay trained and stay up-to-date!

The QAA Executive 2019

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