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QAA – actively representing and promoting the development of professional arboricultural standards; the lead industry body supporting the tree care profession in Queensland and Northern NSW since 1992.

It is a cliché but sadly true! The 2018/19 Summer break is really all over!

Reflections and Appreciation

Just as all Arborists would love a dollar for every time someone says “I really love trees but…” it is equally rewarding to hear someone say, “thank you for explaining how trees function and how to look after them”.

Maybe you or your office have taken a phone call, responding to a request “Do you have an Arboritrist”, uhm – a qualified Arbor something…?” “Oh yes, that’s the one, I need a qualified Arborist!”

If you can answer “Yes, we are qualified Arborists,” then you’ll know all about the benefits of attending regular training Workshops, Climbing Competitions and more. If you are located in Queensland you’ve probably attended one of QAA’s Workshops, a National or International Conference or Climbing competition.

You have also recognised that learning is lifelong. Just when you think your training is up-to-date, new technologies, new gadgets and new and improved ways to manage trees are developed. Read on to hear more training opportunities available to Members (at discounted rates) and those interested in all things arboriculture in Queensland.

Workshops and Training

QAA’s 2019 comprehensive Training programme has got off to a flying start. Head to QAA’s App, Facebook Page or Website to see what’s happened and details of upcoming sessions including Qualification and Refresher Courses for TRAQ and QTRA.

If you’d like to know more about Pest and Disease Damage and Symptom Recognition, do make sure you enrol early for Janet McDonald’s very popular and always sold out workshops. Pruning for Trees Workshop is scheduled for late February with a strong focus on tree biology and correct pruning techniques.

Paul Jave (QAA Technical Officer) is always interested in new ideas for workshops and happy to discuss any scheduled ones in further detail. Don’t hesitate to ring or email Paul to further discuss workshops in greater detail.

QAA Executive Team 2018-2019 Congratulations are extended to QAA executive team for 2018 -2019, Office Bearers for the 2018-19, include Roger Rankine (President), Simon Londsdale (Vice President), Bill Wilcox (Secretary), Kristy Howe (Treasurer). Committee Members include Jamie Boston, Ben McDonald and Dave Vizer. Ben Inman heads up the ArborCampTM Committee.

QAA’s 2019 Administration and Member Support Team is run by the two Becs, Rebecca Dalton and Rebecca Tatum. Technical Officer Paul Javé has an exciting Workshop and Training program prepared for the year ahead – remember, all current QAA members can access great discounts for Training Days and also when shopping at our fabulous Sponsors.

So, if you are looking for great deals for insurance, arb equipment, vehicles, finance, webpage design and set up, and much, much more, check in with QAA’s fabulous Sponsors who so generously lend their support to our Membership!

Just let them know you are a current financial Member and please thank them for their support.

Do take the opportunity to say thank you to the Volunteers and Staff who run your Association – they continue to juggle a hectic but very rewarding schedule indeed!

Members who would like to join one of the Subcommittees or Executive are very welcome. Volunteering is an opportunity to gain new skills, make new friends and broaden your contact with fellow colleagues not only in Queensland but across Australia and the world – just ask any of your past or present Committee Members.

“Just when you think your training is up-to-date, new technologies, new gadgets and new and improved ways to manage trees are developed.”

To keep up with QAA’s news and happenings, including upcoming training and development opportunities, please visit QAA’s App, Facebook page and our website http://www.qaa.net.au.

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