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New Membership Strategy
For those of you who joined us for AGM 2020 we announced the completion of a membership review. The results lead to the new Membership Strategy. We wanted to quickly recap the highlights and new benefits for our members.

2020 Membership Review
Since the conception of membership categories, the bands have evolved and adapted over time. As a result, the distinction between membership types in terms of discount tiers, benefits and classifications have become blurred. Furthermore, the QAA Administrative Team identified scalability challenges for increased membership numbers over the coming years.

A membership review was performed as per the goals outlined above:

Membership Strategy 2021 – 2026
This strategy has been constructed to capture how QAA will add value to the member experience. We will accomplish this by addressing:

  1. Membership Discounts and Changes; and
  2. New Member Benefits.

The complete Membership Strategy will be extracted from the Business Plan and published later this year.

Membership Discounts and Benefits
• Categories: We determined that the current membership bands were an appropriate representation of our membership base. As such, no new categories were determined
• Discounts: As you can see the discount amounts have been redefined to provide distinction between membership tiers and celebrate our esteemed Lifetime Members (image location)
• Changes: Specific changes have been made to the Student, Corporate and Lifetime memberships as seen in the image

New Member Benefits
We identified three value add opportunities to improve the member experience and encourage community engagement. They are networking events, a qualified member search function and webinars.

Networking Events
These events will serve multiple purposes over the life of this Membership Strategy. These events aim to facilitate re-engaging with our industry and fostering community connectivity. We will seek guidance from our members in relation to types of events, the below are our preliminary ideas:
• Informal networking morning/afternoon tea,
• Open Days and Sponsors Days
• Activity events (I.e. trivia, games etc.); and
• Open panel discussions and talks with stakeholders, Lifetime Members, Approved Register and industry leaders.

Search Function
We have heard your request! QAA is in the process of establishing the logistics of introducing a search function that members of the public can use. Only Qualified Members will appear in this search. Approved Register people and businesses will remain on their own page.

In response to the challenges presented by Covid-19, QAA is taking our education online. We will be delivering many different types of webinars to help our members and the industry continue their professional development journeys.

The training will be delivered via live streaming, through Teams and pre-recorded videos. We will be addressing both previously delivered workshops and brand-new topics. Including new business and people management training.

Summary and Things to Know
It is critical that any changes we make to the Associations operations or processes align with our new Values. We believe the new Membership Strategy embodies these by:
• Industry Leaders: Embracing technological changes. We will be the first Association to offer online training
• Excellence: High quality webinars, meticulously planned events and publication quality and integrity.
• Accountable: Complying with our Code of Ethics. Open communication
• Sustainable: Solidifying Association longevity by adding value to the member experience and being adaptable.

2021 will see us embark on our final review of the Approved Registers, the results of this investigation will affect Corporate Memberships. We will maintain constant and open communication with you throughout this process.

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