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QAA – actively representing and promoting the development of professional arboricultural standards: the lead industry body supporting the tree care profession in Queensland and Northern NSW since 1992: proudly in its 28th year of operation in 2020.

Working Through The Challenges

Providing an essential service, arborists have been in the envious position of continued work during the Covid-19 health and economic crises. Keeping an eye out for your work mates, house mates, family members and all those close to you who may not have been so lucky, can also provide challenges. Are you ok?

Why ask this question in this Association news piece? Because in times like these, a crisis all but a very few people would have experienced in Australia before, sees industry and professional associations come to the fore. Increased volume of phone calls to QAA’s Office, clicks on QAA’s Registers of Tree Contractors and Consulting Arborists, QAA’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and webpage reflect an increase in the stream of connections and ongoing interest.

Amid crises of disinformation, Professional Associations are uniquely positioned to provide accurate and trusted information as well keep communication channels open within their membership body.

There is reassurance in knowing that you have colleagues who are experiencing similar issues. Of course, if you are feeling isolated and overwhelmed, please seek professional medical advice by contacting your own Doctors or organisations such as Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 and Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Counting Our Blessings

It is more than our workplace and something Arborists have always known! Appreciating the value of beautiful trees!

The Covid-19 crisis has led to a renewed appreciation of the value of public open spaces; parks and gardens, walking tracks and outdoor activities. In short, a renewed appreciation of the joy and benefits to be gained by sitting in the shade of a beautiful tree, seeing wildlife in their native environment, regaining a sense of calm. We could have told them! It’s our workplace!

Trees give us so much and ask little in return except occasional good (read educated) care. Just ask a trained arborist and they can rattle off a myriad of good reasons why educated care can see trees, even in urban areas, survive for generations.

Reading this and curious to know why QAA encourages all industry/profession participants to gain training qualifications and recognition of good practice? Even if you had difficulty learning during your school years, it is never too late and there are many supports in place to overcome the challenges of ‘English as a second language’, dyslexia or economic hardships – these are not barriers to your gaining recognised qualifications under the AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) pathway. Professional qualifications improve individual employment opportunities and remuneration not only for employees but also for business owners looking to offer trained professional services or business owners in search of more clients.

AQF incorporates RPLs (Recognised Prior Learning) so you really can learn on the job or receive accreditation for the job you are already doing! If this has caught your interest, please approach your boss to ask if you can go into the next intake with a training provider.

If you or your boss have difficulty finding an RTO (Registered Training Provider) please contact QAA, your state or national arboricultural association. Upskill to provide an educated tree service so that trees in your care will last for many years to come. There’s a better way than taking every last leaf off and leaving stubs which may lead to the production of multiple epicormic shoots, future limb failure and unwanted tree health and stability issues for your customer.

Keep Going

A reminder too that QAA Sponsors are there to support you. Upgrading your insurances, finances, machinery, internet services, new generation electronic gadgets (to new generation phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers) Apps, Zoom, Facetime or multitude of other programs and devices are all available through QAA’s valued Sponsors and supporters.

Queensland Arboricultural Association Inc. (QAA) Executive continues to ensure Member services and communication to the general public, corporate and government sectors remain operating in these challenging times.

Stay tuned – QAA will advise Members should Covid-19 restrictions ease sufficiently to allow planned QTCC (Climbing Competitions), training sessions, 2020 AGM and other group gatherings to be held. Plans are also in place should rescheduling of any planned event/s to 2021 become necessary and meeting formats need to change to include Zoom style attendance.

Please remember, only current paid Members may vote at the AGM or any meeting!

Until that time do stay in touch!

Stay up to date, educated and qualified. Proud of the legacy you are leaving by nurturing the trees under your educated care! Most important of all, please stay safe and in touch!

QAA Editorial Committee On behalf of QAA Executive

For more information call QAA on (07) 3821 1488, email office@qaa.net.au or visit www.qaa.net.au or follow us at www.facebook.com/QueenslandArboriculturalAssociationhttps://twitter.com/QLD_Arb_Assoc, www.instagram.com/qaa_arborist/,

www.linkedin.com/in/queensland-arboricultural-association-ba72b953/  or QAA’s App

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