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QAA – actively representing and promoting the development of professional arboricultural standards; the lead industry body supporting the tree care profession in Queensland and Northern NSW since 1992.

Many members have experienced busy times navigating their way through 2020, with lockdowns and physical distancing laws as new challenges. QAA’s Executive Team has also been negotiating these new laws. We have found that embracing digital technologies has evolved the way we do things, creating new learning experiences but ultimately making things easier and timelier!

QAA’s 2020 Executive has met many hurdles this year, namely addressing the enthusiasm and longing for favourite events to be held, such as, Training Workshops and the QTCC. By necessity we have acknowledged the global environment and new Covid Safe Event Requirements. QTCC is temporarily postponed but we are busy brainstorming ways to bring our members new educational opportunities.

QAA AGM 2020

Under the current extenuating circumstances, gathering restrictions for room size, social distancing and hygiene has left QAA’s Executive team with a challenge to determine the safest and a constitutionally compliant means of hosting the AGM. We are considering multiple options including Zoom. Regardless, we are planning to hold QAA’s AGM at 9am on

Saturday 14th November 2020. Please remember that (your) QAA Membership/s must be current to be eligible to vote or stand for election.

All Members will receive confirmation of the hosting method via correspondence by their preferred preference (email or written) detailing sign in, passwords etc. and updated notifications can be found on QAA’s Facebook and Webpage.

Australian Qualification Framework

The Australian Qualification Framework for Arboriculture has formally been approved for release. Thirty-seven units of competency were reviewed with multiple prerequisites removed. Both certificate courses (II and III) have been streamlined and increased flexibility of entry requirements to the Advanced and Graduate Diploma has been established.

Congratulations are due to the many professionals in our industry who have worked tirelessly to update this framework.

QAA encourages all Members to support safety and fairness through training.

COVID Survival Tips

We understand that COVID has impacted our industry in many ways and has been a challenging and educational experience. We would like to share some information with you which we have found extremely helpful. The below content is sourced from OPS Centre’s “Pandemic Planning Guide for Business”, published March 2020.

The following describes business impacts and strategies for managing these situations:

  • Government directives for office closures and Employee quarantine: develop IT and distance management strategies to maintain business operations
  • Job scope creep: a need to cover additional work/duties of absentee co-workers, extended or odd hours. Be prepared for mental health and fatigue challenges
  • Higher risk Employees and families: make working conditions and hours flexible for employees who are high risk and opt to remain home or isolated because someone in their immediate family is high risk
  • Introduction of home schooling: being considerate and flexible with hours and/ or working conditions for Employees with children who are home schooled
  • Suspension of non-critical business practices: or staffing reductions may decrease business capacity to fulfill regular activities. Get everyone involved in brainstorming new ways and alternatives
  • Domestic and international travel restrictions: may need to conduct meetings over Skype, Zoom or other video conferencing programs.

Heightened anxiety and depression as a result of changed working conditions is now a bigger challenge for managers.

Furthermore, to optimise your business and become COVID Prepared consider the following:

For more information, please refer to www.opscentre.com/pandemic-planning/

Stay in touch! Don’t forget the upcoming AGM! Stay up to date, educated and qualified. Proud of the legacy you are leaving by nurturing the trees under your educated care!! Most important of all, please stay safe in the busy lead up to Christmas!

For further info call Queensland Arboricultural Association on (07) 3821 1488. Go to www.qaa.net.au, email office@qaa.net.au or follow us at: Facebook (QueenslandArboriculturalAssociation), Twitter (QLD_Arb_Assoc), Instagram (qaa_arborist), LinkedIn (queensland-arboricultural-association-ba72b953) or via the QAA App.

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