QAA 2024

The Queensland Arboricultural Association has leapt into 2024 with a swag of events and workshops planned.

An important reminder

Summer in Australia means heat and, as any arborist knows, the weather can be as much of a challenge as the tree you’re working in. Nobody wants to end up with heatstroke so, with a hot summer predicted, are you prepared?

While dealing with heat is part of the job, the below tips can help you stay comfortable and reduce work fatigue during long, hot summer days. They may seem obvious but it’s easy to overlook the basics when you’re focussed on the job rather than what your body needs:
• Stay hydrated: sip water, and maybe electrolyte-rich drinks. Being properly hydrated helps regulate body temperature, keeps organs and cells functioning properly, and can improve sleep, cognition, and mood
• Balanced nutrition: ditch sugary snacks and go for fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Your body will love the vitamin and mineral boost and there’ll be no nasty sugar crash
• Regular breaks: rest, hydrate, and recharge during short, frequent breaks. We all know the job needs to be done, but pushing too much can lead to an increased risk of accidents or injury
• Time management: plan days strategically for maximum efficiency. This could include working on the western side of the trees in the morning and the eastern side in the afternoon, or utilising the shade of another tree or building to minimise exposure to the sun. Also, consider scheduling jobs that have a heavy lifting component for the morning, even if this means starting a job midway through the day or returning the next morning.

Reducing the risk of fatigue and managing your energy are key to productivity and overall well-being. Here’s a few ideas:
• Sleep: aim for between seven and nine hours of quality sleep
• Divide tasks: break your work into manageable chunks
• Stress management: try meditation, deep breathing, or yoga
• Stay active: physical activity boosts energy levels, and
• Balanced nutrition: fuel up with a balanced diet.

By paying attention to nutrition and hydration you’ll be better able to combat environmental factors like heat and work demands, while reducing the risk of heatstroke and fatigue.

Upcoming QAA events

On Monday February 5, 2024, Bryan Gould will be presenting Managing Trees – Adopting a Selective Approach.

During the workshop attendees will get an overview of how to apply a robust process for selecting and managing trees in urban locations. Specific topics being covered include:
• Trees as key landscape components
• Design requirements
• Biological tolerances, and
• Functional characteristics After completing this workshop, attendees will be familiar with the criteria of a meaningful tree-selection process and understand how urban treescapes can be enhanced by using species that offer durable function and performance.

Aerial Rescue Workshop – Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast Aerial Rescue workshop will be held on Monday, February 12, 2024.

During the workshop, presenter Craig Reid will go through multiple rescue types and scenarios and provide information to competitive climbers on how to achieve the most possible points in the Aerial Rescue event.

Attending the workshop is a great way to demonstrate industry currency and to discharge WHS duty-of-care responsibilities.

For more information on either of these workshops, and to book tickets, check out the events page on the informative QAA website.

Event recap

QTCC The 2023 Queensland Tree Climbing Championship (QTCC) was held at the Tewantin Noosa Pony Club on September 8 and 9. The event saw some amazing climbing from 36 competitors, supportive feedback from awesome volunteers, and phenomenal camaraderie from spectators and fellow climbers.

Congratulations to the QTCC 2023 Champions Jarrah Hamlin (male) and Jess Hamer (female), as well as all the individual event winners.

Events like QTCC don’t just happen. It takes a lot of hands to make QAA climbing comps such memorable experiences for climbers. To the amazing volunteers who gave up their time to set up, judge, mentor or pack up, QAA offers a huge ‘thank you’. The event simply wouldn’t have happened without you.

Likewise, thank you to the incredible sponsors: Husqvarna Australia (event sponsor); Arb Supplies; Arbor Industrial; Boston Tree Care; Global Machinery Sales; Inspiration Trees; Interlink Training; Reecoil; Shockload Bags; The Arbor Van; and Vermeer Australia.

Finally, thank you to the awesome group of climbers who joined QTCC 2023. You all did exceptionally well and should be very proud of your efforts. Special mention to ITCC Champion Barton Allen-Hall who did a fabulous job during his Masters exhibition climb.

QTCC 2023 Champions Jarrah Hamlin and Jess Hamer. Image: QAA

To stay in touch with the QAA, it’s workshops, events and training, log on to

Image: QAA


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