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Fit and air flow

This advanced tree-care helmet is lightweight and well ventilated, with a universal fit and a wheel ratchet for easy size adjustment.

Boasting a range of design features, the first thing you’ll notice is the superior streamlined air vents that allow heat to escape while boosting airflow. These vents help improve overall comfort when working in warm climates and challenging conditions, and also help minimise sweat and oil build up.

Another feature is the quick-dry fabric padding on the inside of the helmet. Enjoy cushion-like comfort throughout the day without the unpleasant feeling of saturated padding. Instead of absorbing moisture, the high-tech fabric dries very quickly, while improved airflow helps transport it back into the air and away from your head.

The padding is easy to remove and clean, ensuring no odour and bacteria build up over time.


The addition of an eco-leather four-point chinstrap minimises chafing and skin irritation around the neck and jawline for a more comfortable experience. Eco-leather is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning the risk of experiencing allergic skin reactions often experienced with chemically treated manmade fabrics is minimised.

When looking at safety, Husqvarna has

taken into account more than just potential impacts. Visibility is key to staying safe when working in bush, forests and farmland, which is why you’ll find strategically placed high-vis reflective stickers that provide 360° visibility.

Visors and accessories

A range of three visors has been created especially for the Spire™ Vent Arborist helmet (all sold separately):

• Spire™ Vent Clear Visor – best for cloudy/low-light conditions

• Spire™ Vent Smoke Visor – best for partial cloud/moderately sunny days, and

• Spire™ Vent Silver Mirror Visor – best for full-sunlight/bright conditions.

No matter what the weather is doing or the task at hand, select the most appropriate

visor, click it into position and get to work quickly and safely. Finished with anti-fog andanti-scratch treatments, the in-built rubber seal prevents liquid from dripping into your eyes, while the panoramic design gives improved visuals. The helmet is also equipped with attachments for mounting headlamps, earmuffs and fulfils European standard EN 12492 for work at heights.

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