ProofSafe – software and app for efficiency, compliance and safety

In essence, ProofSafe allows a business owner to collect any data, save it, then efficiently get it out again in a professional format. From JSAs to arb reports to research data on chainsaw hollows.

Generally speaking, arborists want to be on the job, in the trees, getting the work done. Usually, they don’t want to be filling in paperwork and creating reports for compliance.

Even for consultants, inspecting and assessing trees can be rewarding and well-paid work, but the pain of pulling together data, images, maps, and bashing the head on the desk battling with Microsoft Word is no fun.

The reality however, is if you want to protect your assets and establish a tree business at the next level, councils, large developers, utilities and WorkSafe all require good systems and professional paperwork.

Nobody wants a situation where they spend years building up a successful business and then lose it all in a courtroom because a JSA wasn’t done each morning, or it can’t be proven staff were inducted.

The solution

ProofSafe is a flexible solution built for arborists. Your admin is done from the web portal in your office – account and asset management, sharing documents and so forth.

The field team use their mobile devices to view documents, submit JSAs and job sheets, and all the other paperwork tasks involved in a day’s work.

All paper systems and clunky spreadsheets are eliminated with ProofSafe.

View documents and complete forms in the field – on any mobile device, online or offline.


ProofSafe started with safety. It does a lot of other stuff, but the foundation was always to make safety compliance easy for arb business owners.

All the forms are there ready to go on the app, written for tree work: JSAs, equipment pre-starts, incident reports, inductions and so forth. With ProofSafe you just use the components you need. Your team can complete a JSA in a few minutes, upload, and a professional, signed, time-stamped JSA document arrives in your inbox. You can even automatically send that JSA to a client if needed.

From the office you can load up SWMS, SDSs or permits for the team to access anywhere in the field – there’s no more folders of paper covered in coffee and footprints in the cab of the truck.

ProofSafe can even supply all the paperwork policies and SWMS needed for a tree business.

Tree reports

ProofSafe includes a powerful arborist reporting tool: collect tree data in the field – dimensions, photos, GPS location, defects and more. Upload and this information is automatically generated into a report with maps and professionally formatted tables, including the calculated DBH for multistemmed trees, TPZs and SRZs.

You can use your own written templates or the ProofSafe templates, including Risk, Planning and TMPs. It takes all the pain out of report preparation and saves an arborist anywhere from one to three hours on every job. It’s more accurate, more professional and increases profit, but most importantly…it’s much less hassle!

Collect data on the mobile app and automatically generate dynamic tree reports.


Business systems, in essence, are all similar:
1. Collect data
2. Save it, and
3. Use it somehow.

ProofSafe is very powerful for its adaptability – clients have requested harness inspection forms, timesheets, job reports, koala monitoring data, quote forms, nest box inspections, Elm Beetle treatments and chemical use forms, to name a few.

Proofsafe is flexible, so even for special projects, you don’t need to buy other systems.


A manager using ProofSafe will login to the ProofSafe web portal to load assets (equipment, SWMS, people and so forth) and then those assets appear automatically on the mobile app for the team. If the crew is doing a pre-start on the chipper, they select if from the dynamic list, do the inspection, sign and upload. You then have signed proof the equipment was checked and safe to use.

This makes the team accountable and improves safety across all your operations.

What’s different

ProofSafe has been built by arborists for the arb industry (but is used more broadly), it’s Australian and things are done a little differently – you’re definitely not dealing with some overseas conglomerate.

Advantages of the ProofSafe software include:
• Fair pricing: with most (other) online software services you are billed on the number of users, meaning you’re paying for everyone, every month, even if they don’t use the service. Some might call that gouging.
• With ProofSafe you pay a simple subscription for the business and then a small amount for data usage (like a gas bill). You can have unlimited ProofSafe user accounts and unlimited forms. ProofSafe users regularly say it’s too cheap.
• Flexibility: ProofSafe is a broad tool. You can configure it to your needs. Maybe you only want a smart timesheet, or the arb reporting tool and JSAs, or maybe a special project in canopy access and research. Whatever you need, ProofSafe can be configured. If it’s complex to build there may be a one-off setup cost, but it’s always fair.

Talk to ProofSafe

The ProofSafe team is here in Australia (Victoria) and involved in the industry. If you want to have a chat about OHS/WHS laws, your SWMS and one-handed chainsaw use, you can have that conversation with a single call. You won’t get a ‘Help-bot’ that asks six questions then directs you back to a website somewhere.

So, if you want to build and protect your business, operate more efficiently and increase profits, ProofSafe is a truly unique option.

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