Prokut Is Really Raising The Bar With Their Sugihara Range

Prokut was made of the simple need of creating a range of quality bar, chain and outdoor power equipment accessories for the Australian market.

Prokut’s parent company GA Power Equipment Spares has been the industry leader in aftermarket spare parts in the outdoor power equipment industry for more than 40 years. As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, they understand the needs of Australians as well as what our tough, yet beautiful country can throw our way.

Within the huge product offering from Prokut, a real standout is the Sugihara bar range, ideal for commercial forestry professionals and arborists. The range offers a lineup of 27 solid and 8 lightweight reversible bars to fit everyone’s favourite chainsaw brands and last the long haul. Trust us, this range does not disappoint.

Now, a little about the background of the bars. Hideo Sugihara started manufacturing chainsaw bars in Japan more than 50 years ago and since then the production of the bars have been in the same factory. Japan’s reputation for excellence in forging and working steel is displayed through these bars.

The thought that has gone into this range speaks for itself with the bars being manufactured from a single piece of steel, which features superior durability and stiffness characteristics. The excellence in steel work is proven with just how tough the steel is, being heat treated up to four times on different parts of the guide bar. This provides superior bar body strength and tough rails with excellent resistance to wear and chipping. These bars are also finished with polished lacquer which sets the range apart from others in the industry, providing less friction allowing you to slice through any timber like butter.

Paired with the highest quality control standards the Prokut Sugihara bars allow you to really go the extra mile.

Want to learn more about this great range or see what else Prokut has to offer? Prokut has a huge dealer network of close to 450 nationwide, so you’re not far off from owning some of this exquisite Prokut gear.

Locate your nearest dealer or browse the range by visiting today.

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