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Prokut Continuing To Raise The Bar

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With 40 years serving the outdoor power equipment and forestry markets, Roy Gripske and Sons (RGS) has established itself as a stalwart of the industry and is recognised for its exceptional service and quality portfolio of products.

RGS is better known through its distribution of various brands under both its GA Power Equipment Spares and Powerup Lawncare Products (PLP) divisions.

In recent times RGS has established its GA Forestry division as a focus point for its ongoing development of forestry related products and to allow it to synergise with other premium brands in the timber and forestry sector. This change has led to the launch of ProKut chain, bars and accessories, the partnering of RGS with another great Australian business, GB Forestry Products and now the launch into the market of Sugihara Pro bars made in Japan.

We caught up with Paul Sheehan, RGS General Manager, to discuss the changes that have occurred at RGS and the suite of timber/forestry products now available through the RGS partnered network.

“We were engaged with Oregon for 30+ years and had been the sole distributor in Australia for that brand since 1997 so when we parted company with Oregon in 2018 it represented a big change in direction for us,” Paul said. “We believed we could bring a quality product to the table without the need to charge excessive prices and this would ultimately help our customers be both reliable in their service delivery and remain competitively sustainable, both of which are key attributes of our own business,” he added.

ProKut has become established within the OPE dealer network as both a reliable and cost competitive offering and the brand has been growing in both range and quality improvements since its inception. “We have a very experienced team employed in product development and R&D within our business and we have been working very hard to improve the quality of our products in conjunction with our various suppliers. We are not content to just buy off the shelf and expect our users to just accept what we are offering, it is not in our DNA and it is not the Australian way, so we are constantly making improvements to our products and forcing our suppliers to hold to new and improved quality standards. We are very, very happy with the quality and market positioning of ProKut and we are investing heavily in its continued development for our market,” Paul said.

Sugihara Bars

But there is also something new on the horizon! RGS is now launching Sugihara bars into their range. “Our customers have specifically requested premium quality and precision engineered solutions for the Pro market and Sugihara has both the brand quality and reputation worldwide as a premium pro bar. We see a good fit for these Japanese made precision bars to join our ProKut offering and we can’t wait to get them out there into the hands of users and cutting timber,” Paul said excitedly.

In terms of the forestry industry, the partnership established between RGS and GB Forestry products has been a great fit and has brought benefits for both businesses, “GB Forestry is a well-established premium manufacturer and RGS has an enviable distribution footprint and relationship network, so both businesses decided to join forces for our mutual benefit and ultimately that of the end user,” Paul told us.

“From RGS’ point of view, having the ability to develop product to meet specific user needs, design and manufacture those here, and then support the customer in the field is a market benefit that ensures we maintain our service and quality commitment” he said, “not to mention the fact that it allows us both to employ more Australians, it’s a win win for our businesses, our customers and the Australian economy”. And we say cheers to that!

For info visit www.prokut.com.au

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