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Productivity And Efficiency

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The two most favoured words used by companies worldwide, so how do they relate to the Arbor Industry?

What Are the Differences?

Productivity: the quantity/rate of work being completed.

Efficiency: the resources used to produce the work being completed (such as money, time, and labour etc.) In simpler terms, efficiency measures whether there is any waste in your company.

While productivity and efficiency both help to increase your outcome, one often leads to working harder and the other focuses on working smarter. In many cases, working efficiently will result in increased productivity.

So how do you balance scenarios like high demand and low resources, or steady demand and high resources? Let’s start by understanding more than just the ‘jobs-per-day’ quota. For a moment, let’s focus on maintaining your current rate of works while lowering the resources being used (waste).

As an example, here we look at very basic ‘time wastage’. Suppose you are paying your team to complete three jobs in a day. There is a 20-minute commute between each job, a 20-minute setup per job and a 20-minute clean up per job. That’s 60 minutes per job which equals to three hours in lost time per day. If these areas could be made more efficient, would you be able to complete a fourth job that day?

Reducing ‘waste’ is one of the key components to achieving efficiency.

What’s Next?

Process Optimisation

Everything you do is a process. Process optimisation will improve your profitability while also increasing sustainability in everchanging economic conditions. Processes should constantly be evaluated and evolved to ensure the most efficient way of working is achieved.

For the Arbor industry, this evaluation could mean changing the ways things are done; allocation/expansion/scale down of resources (people, equipment, services, materials, money, time etc.); allocation of jobs; adjusting service coverage; introducing smarter systems to manage operations; or upgrading the operational tools you have available to complete jobs.

Be Visible. Be Accessible. Be Digital.

Today, every business is a technology business. Using the right digital solutions will improve your business in more ways than one; maximise your customer reach; improve operational visibility; improve customer service and communications; and most importantly, automate business processes.

Redundant processes will slowly impact your business’ ability to remain competitive and current. The more you understand about the strengths and shortcomings within your operations, the better – the future of your business relies on it.

“In the Arbor Industry, the importance of productivity and efficiency is proportionate”

Right Tools For The Job

Having the right equipment to complete jobs can assist with:

  1. Safety
  2. Efficiency
  3. Productivity
  4. Repeat business

These four elements will define a successful business in the Arbor industry.

Having the right tools is important for protecting your bottom line. When productivity takes a hit because your competition can do it quicker, cheaper, or more safely – take a look at the equipment being used.

While tree climbing and cutting is a long held and proud skill of the Arbor industry, the question of safety is ongoing. More and more Arborists are seeking out equipment such as the CTE Spider Lift range.

What to consider when selecting the best machine possible to increase your productivity and profit

Access In Urban Areas

The whole concept of a Spider Lift (or tracked access machine), is primarily for access. When it comes to negotiating the tighter and more narrow spaces found in urban areas, users should consider a spider lift with the most compact design, with the longest outreach specifications available. (The ultimate spider lift for urban arborists will ideally offer the best ratio of smaller stowed dimensions, with a 17m reach). The level of access is therefore minimally restricted by either factor.


Spider Lifts that combine a true ZED boom configuration with the smallest of footprints allow for better boom manipulation in far tighter work zones. ZED with Zero tail swing also provides the best up-and-over capabilities available

Unrestricted 200kg Outreach

A high-performance fixed work envelope provides unrestricted outreach at 200kg, without weight limiting. No services housed on the boom to be hooked upon, minimizing damage and ensuring a clean boom design.

Simplified Electronics

An electronics philosophy of ‘simplicity’ increases reliability, reduces downtime, and lowers service costs on any spider lift.

This ensures an overall improvement on return-on-investment.

Purpose built for the Arbor industry, CTE Spider Lifts offer market-leading technology and design to allow you to operate in the tightest spaces and almost any level of surface. Compared to other similar products, the CTE range will not only outperform but also decreases job time, improves safety and allows users to complete more jobs per day.

Here are some of the reasons why now might be the right time to increase your assets and support your business’ growth:

  • Record low interest rates and funding restrictions easing
  • Stimulus support for asset write-off and depreciation
  • Finance loans that include a 50 per cent loan guarantee from the Government
  • Equipment manufacturers are overstocked and offering record-low deals that will save thousands of dollars
  • Bonus manufacturer offers such as extended warranties, additional accessories, and free training

Let’s Recap:

  1. Commit to constant and never-ending improvement
  2. Commit to resources that improve productivity
  3. Minimise waste
  4. Understand your overheads
  5. Invest in systems that automate processes
  6. Learn from successes as well as mistakes
  7. Plan for when things go wrong

We strongly suggest exploring whether some of these options are available to your business.

Platform Sales Australia are a leading supplier to the Arbor industry. Our team are available to not only discuss the CTE range, but to also assist in discussing ways you can improve the productivity of your business. We also have financing options available to assist with purchasing your next equipment item today.

*Platform Sales Australia is not a financial adviser. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how this article relates to your unique circumstances.

For more info call Platform Sales Australia on 1300 882 762 or visit our website on www.platformsales.com.au

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