Powerful. Proven. Productive. Safe.

When it comes to choosing the right product, at Lift Industries they believe “dependability isn’t optional. It’s required”.

When it comes to the right equipment, Lift Industries’ priorities are the same as yours. Safety, reliability, cost and return on investment are at the top of that list. Terex® has been listening and turning challenges into solutions that keep their customers up and working, day in and day out. Some investments that seem like a great deal up front can cost a lot more in the long run. Not Terex® equipment. Every machine they deliver is designed, built and serviced to keep your total cost of ownership low – and your satisfaction high – for as long as you own it. The team at Lift industries knows that their brand isn’t the only choice you have, but they’re out to convince you that they’re the right one. Because when your crews are out in the harshest conditions providing the services your customers depend on, you need to know you can depend on your equipment to do the job.

Proven track record
A Lift Industries Terex® product isn’t just a recognised name, it’s a proven supplier with seven decades of service to the Arbor and utilities market. In fact, they are the most experienced manufacturer of EWPs in the field, and know what works for you what does not. They have never stopped pushing forward to redefine the standard for uptime, safety and efficiency. That is an advantage for you. Lift Industries is always looking ahead and asking itself, how can they help you accomplish more? With this in mind Lift Industries team along with Terex® Utilities can now offer the toughest machine on the market for an industry that requires it.

Featuring the Terex LTM40
The Terex LTM40 is a reliable, strong rigid EWP that incorporates their articulating, telescopic boom design with the option of a material handler and many years’ experience to deliver you the toughest machine in the market.

Designed from the ground up as a heavy duty tree trimming machine, they have included some great features that make this an easy to operate aerial device. Easy because:

  • Single stick one hand operation in the bucket
  • You don’t have to extend the upper boom to achieve minimum insulation gap
  • It’s easy to set up in traffic because there’s no street-side overhang
  • Torsion bar options for no stabiliser fast to operate options
  • Automatic hydraulic boom latch (no strap)
  • Ground access to bucket
  • Fast operational speeds
  • Fully hydraulic proportional valves.

The LTM40 uses the same boom sections as their well renowned TL series EWP’s providing a 14 meter working height, 9.4 meter outreach, up to 272 kg WWL, 180 degree bucket rotation and an option for a 610mm basket lifter. It also has an insulation rating of 46kv. The fiberglass telescopic boom has double axial roller assembly which reduces tracking of dirt and debris which can affect the dielectric properties of the fiberglass composition. This also reduces the contact wear experienced by utilising flat wear pads. Lift Industries also provides as standard hydraulic power tool outlets in the bucket.

This LTM40 can be installed onto a 10 tonne chassis with stabilisers and also has the option to be installed onto a 12 tonne chassis for the torsion bar options. The body work can be built to the customers specifications with lockers, beacons, sign racks, pull out vices, saw holders etc… the options are endless as is their flexibility to deliver what the customer wants. Lift Industries has their own 12 meter high bay paint shop for painting and so they can paint to whatever colours you require.

Ease of maintenance
Lift Industries history comes from servicing and maintenance of truck mounted EWP’s so their history tells them to keep it simple for reliability and servicing. Their machines are working all over Australia from the cities to the outback so even though they have national service support, they need these machines to be repaired easily and efficiently to ease your downtime.

With this in mind the LTM40 is fully hydraulic machine and does not run any PCB. The hoses inside the teleboom are contained in a catrac system which allows for repair or replacement of individual hoses as opposed to siamese-type or bonded hose bundles. The catrac and the telescopic cylinder can also be removed without removing the booms.

The electrical system has a dual channel safety system that runs al relays and an electric box that is accessible from the outside of the decking with fully labelled din rails, relays and fuses. Critical components are protected to reduce wear. And maintenance takes less time, thanks to better access to service points. It all adds up to lower service costs and less downtime over the life of your equipment – not to mention some of the industry’s best resale values when you’re ready to update your fleet.

Smart PTO a greener solution
Lift Industries is proud to introduce a HyPower green product solution using the SmartPTO. This electric power take-off solution eliminates the need for idling vehicles in the field for boom operation and cab comfort. With simple connections to the hydraulic system, SmartPTO electrically powers all the hydraulic functions of the EWP and chassis – from the outriggers to the boom. HyPower SmartPTO also provides battery power to the chassis allowing auxiliary applications such as lighting and in cab air conditioning to operate while the vehicle engine is off.

With clean, rechargeable battery power for the EWP, SmartPTO eliminates idling, resulting in fuel savings, emissions reductions, lower noise pollution, and lower operating costs. Its modular design can be easily installed on most applications: EWP’s, crane borers, service trucks, and some other manufacturers aerial devices (depends on the Vehicle).

The system includes a touch screen that displays the control interface with settings, battery charge, system statistics like litres saved, SmartPTO run time, and notifications like temperature warnings. The HyPower SmartPTO also offers a telematic option that monitors system performance and identifies additional savings opportunities. This powerful tool also allows for remote troubleshooting of devices in the field.

For further details call (07) 5598 4322 or visit www.liftindustries.com.au

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