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WPT Power Take-Off clutches for mobile wood chipper applications

Wood chippers and grinders are common machines in forestry, logging, landscaping, and recycling industries. Typically, a Power Take-off (PTO) is mounted to the engine and transfers power to the chipper or grinder drum via a belt drive.

In this setup, the PTO is crucial to the operation of the machine. The WPT Power Take-offs provide performance-proven reliability that will enhance the service life of the machine’s operation.Mobile wood chippers or grinders used in roadside, park, and other municipal applications are usually equipped with one of two styles of lever-actuated PTOs, Mechanical and Automotive.

The first is the Mechanical PTO, which is an over-center clutch with a trusted design that minimises costs while providing solid, trouble-free performance. It’s best suited for in-line and side load applications.

The next one is the Automotive PTO that is a spring-loaded clutch assembly named for its use on engines that one might find in a ute. This style eliminates the pilot bearing and has easy external adjustments to reduce maintenance time and cost.

Large industrial chippers and grinders used in forestry generally have one of two styles of hydraulic power take-offs installed on them for dependable performance, the Type 2 or Type 1. Both feature designs that eliminate clutch adjustment throughout the life of the clutch and can be used with the WPT Python™ Hydraulic Clutch Control for smooth actuation.

The WPT Type 2 utilises a high capacity dual main bearing design to provide increased sideload capacity in a compact design.

The WPT Type 1 PTO utilises a straddle bearing design with the sheave mounted between them for maximum sideload capacity in the toughest applications.

Several criteria are involved in the selection process of a PTO including application, speed, and service factor to name a few. If a particular application requires a unique or modified operational specification, a new design may be in order. The bottom line is, when you need a reliable and heavy-duty PTO, WPT Power is there to provide a solution.

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