Point and ‘chute’ for an easy clean up

When time is money and cleaning up a site is part of the territory, the least time-consuming options are favoured for getting skilled workers on to the next job. There’s a bright side to the clean-up process for arborists who own a chipper, and HANSA believes its commercial chippers can be utilised to meet customers’ needs for a safe process and a tidy outcome while being eco-friendly.


The main purpose of a chipper is to reduce bulk, and make green waste break down faster. A chipper also allows transporting more waste from a site in less space – of course, an arborist can leave the chip on site at the customer’s request. HANSA’s disc chippers have adjustable outlets, making clean up a straight and accurate process of point-and-shoot (or chute) action!

Professional care

Mulch can become a fire risk in many areas of Australia, so effective clean up and removal is a huge safety concern. In dry conditions during a drought, piled mulch can get hot enough to ignite – something an arborist should discuss with clients prior to completing a job. Storms also cause safety concerns, leaving trees in poor shape and broken branches scattered. John Lyon, Managing Director of HANSA Australia, believes by having the right equipment arborists are helping to ensure they will receive calls to help clear damage. “A clean-up process after a storm is unavoidable and the safest way to do this is by hiring an arborist who can assess the situation and use a chipper for a fast and effective process. Clients are wanting normality, and a professional with a chipper is better positioned to ensure the area is clean and safe, and to be able to remove the debris.”

The full range of HANSA equipment can be found at hansaproducts.com.au. AA

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