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As successful contractors are well aware, highly versatile equipment designed to provide higher utilisation, being fully transportable and able to work in tighter areas will not only increase productivity but also provide the best ROI.

This focus – especially when combined with the added stability and safety of a spider lifts, truck-mounted lifts and alike – is where Platform Sales has been adding huge value for its customers across a range of industry, through their unique equipment and an extensive team of Australia wide highly trained and qualified service engineers.

Scissor and boom lifts all have their place but they don’t give you everything and after 40 years of combined experience the team of Andrew Satterley (as Operations Manager) and David Collins (as Director) of Platform Sales Australia have had the boots on the ground for long enough to realise that the key to embracing long-term success with contractors looking to purchase or hire equipment is by enhancing productivity, through offering a broad yet extremely specific range of machines, across the various height requirements of various industries, from a range of hand-selected manufacturers who produce the best machine from each class.

It is a passion that has motivated Platform Sales to cast their net far and wide in search of better solutions for businesses looking for greater efficiency, utilisation and enhanced safety. A prime example of this is the way the Arborist Industry has embraced the CTE Traccess Spider Lift range. As good climbers today, can be very hard to find, the ability to provide a safer option that allows areas that previously only the best climbers could access to be easily achieved by the use of a spider lift means business can significantly improve the volume of work achievable on any given day without the risk previously involved.

David explained that Platform Sales, which is based in Taren Point, Sydney, had originally commenced operations after becoming the first retail sales agency for Genie Australia. Shortly thereafter, the company had commenced dealing with CTE, and this was in turn closely followed by the establishment of a partnership with Palazzani.


“We were one of the first internet-based EWP sales companies to provide a broad range of equipment to all sectors of business in Australia,” David told AA of Platform’s initial establishment in the local marketplace.

A wide-ranging product portfolio Twelve years on, Platform Sales now presides over 250 different models, sourced from around the world – with its range having since expanded to encompass JLG, Skyjack and Haulotte products – and services a range of customers, with its machines catering to a broad spectrum of uses, from heavy industry to light commercial applications.

Platform Sales product portfolio includes material lifts, trailer lifts, boom lifts, truck-mounted aerial platforms, scissor lifts, mast lifts, spider lifts and a range of accessories, including Lodax outrigger pads, and is backed by an extensive after-sales service network throughout Australia.

“Scissor And Boom Lifts All Have Their Place, But They Don’t Give The Arbor Industry A Total Solution.”

“Our EWP product range today has been built on our customer’s needs and dealing with only the best manufacturers in their respective areas,” David explained.

“We seek to supply Australian businesses with a high degree of hire-based performance and reliability across all of the EWP machines in our portfolio, from self-propelled scissor lifts and booms to truck-mounted towers and the more specialised spider lifts, that will provide the most versatile investment.”

Platform Sales prides itself on combining its depth of industry knowledge, with understanding its customers’ requirements and needs and it is this philosophy that is put to use in determining what machines are best suited to each individual customers’ respective requirements, encompassing prioritising reliability and performance, and seeking to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

“Equipment designed for purpose, such as Arbor work will provide for maximum productivity, cost savings and increased profits for those investing in today’s market,” David observed.

“Realising the importance of functionality and versatility, we strive to show our customers the best options to gain the maximum benefit from their investment – and, with our key selected manufacturers, we supply a range that is broad and proven to perform in the demanding Australian market.”

Keeping It Simple, The Key

David noted that having the opportunity to evaluate the machine market in Europe had ultimately demonstrated the importance of a simple approach to machine design, which is perfect for operating in Australia’s unique conditions.

“I believe that keeping it simple is the key,” he said. “Machine make-up, like boom configuration, size, weight, footprint and performance, are all key components of better design, along with the simplicity, especially from an electronics point of view.

“An over-technical machine can and will be problematic in Australia. We want a simple, Tonka-tough approach to the equipment we use in Australia.”

In assessing Platform’s progress over the years, David pointed to the importance of experience, encompassing an ability to understand industry needs and connect with customers, as being a key factor.

“We believe our experience in the Arbor industry and the long-term partnerships we have formed have been the key to our success,” he told AA. “We have always focused on providing the best solutions, designed to increase productivity while reducing the costs of business and ensuring our customers and their staff are safe.”

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