Piranha Woodchippers

Piranha Woodchippers are a brand new, Australian-designed and made commercial woodchipper launched at The National Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo.

Piranha chippers are the latest kids on the block – a brand new commercial Woodchipper manufacturer focused on delivering world-class machinery.

100-per-cent Australian designed and made, Piranha chippers offer impressive performance and productivity capacities and are fully backed by an industry-leading five-year structural warranty.

Built on 30 years of wood-chipper passion and design obsession – including three generations of timber-industry experience – Piranha is bringing a different approach to operator experience and work-site efficiencies. Piranha chippers continually give highperformance and yield the highest return-on-investment figures, ultimately increasing bottom-line dollars.

Starting with the best

Piranha’s suppliers are top of the line in their businesses – the best brand names, proven in their fields and supported locally. Australia is renowned on the world stage for cutting-edge technologies in the aerospace, mining and automotive industries, and Piranha has tapped into these top engineers and their resources to offer the most productive, efficient and modern woodchippers available on the market today.

A brand new commercial woodchipper manufacturer focused on delivering world-class machinery. Image: Piranha Woodchippers

Piranha is quality

To ensure the highest quality workmanship Piranha’s professional welder tradespeople are independently tested and NATA certified to AS/NZS 1554.1 welding standards, ensuring Piranha’s peace-of-mind as it stands behind its industry-leading, five-year structural warranty. Australian-made structural-grade steel is used in all components of Piranha’s chippers, ensuring they are world-class and the best of the best.

Some of the leading features that set apart the BT300 Piranha chipper include:
• Twin axle trailer design – supplying double the braking power and twice the flotation over soft surfaces compared to single-axle units
• Load-sharing ‘Soft-Glide’ leaf-spring suspension provides a superior ride compared to a single-axle trailer and doesn’t send violent feedback through the drawbar into the tow vehicle, making towing the Piranha a safe and enjoyable experience, and
• Heavy-duty all-terrain tyres on tough steel rims ensure the BT300 will easily go anywhere the tow vehicle can.

Australian-made structural-grade steel is used in all components of Piranha’s chippers. Image: Piranha Woodchippers


Piranha’s ‘Posi-Arc’ infeed-arm pivot design means the large top infeed wheel aggressively climbs towards the incoming timber, up and on top of the trunks and brush, through the natural positively inclined arc the unique feedarm design provides. This makes for a very strong feeding action, allowing the Piranha to pull in difficult branches, twisty timber and whole trees with ease.

The hydraulic lift and crush also aides in feeding difficult timber sections into the chipping drum if branches are particularly crotchety and difficult. The 350mm high x 500mm wide in-feed opening directly into the chipper drum housing ensures the Piranha saves as much time and effort as possible.

The unique staggered four-knife chipper drum – designed in-house by the Piranha team – with integrated high-velocity fans makes for a superior chipping action and a very strong chip discharge. Being 650mm in diameter ensures the chipping/cutting action is only done on the lower half of the circular arc, resulting in less vibration and fuel use. The replaceable blade-bolt blocks ensure the drum does not suffer integrity damage if the blades encounter foreign material fed into the machine and they can be easily replaced if ever required.

The chipper drum access hood completely exposes the top part of the drum when opened, making changing the knives very easy and practical.

Replaceable blade-bolt blocks ensure the drum does not suffer integrity damage if the blades encounter foreign material. Image: Piranha Woodchippers

Quality build

All manufactured sheet-metal steel parts are individually primed and painted before assembly for superior, long-lasting corrosion protection, ensuring the Piranha will continue to look good and perform flawlessly for decades.

Piranha chippers come standard with many features that work together to reduce the operator’s fatigue and stress, including:
• Hydraulic auto clutch
• Hydraulic winch
• Hydraulic tailgate raise and lower
• Hydraulic 360° discharge chute (continuous swivel)
• Twin (top and bottom) horizontal infeed wheel
• Central grease-station hub • Full-sized spare wheel, and
• Bulletproof one-touch capacitive switches for quick and easy operation of all functions.

They’re all standard on the BT300.

Find out more

The Piranha team is ready and waiting to answer any questions. Book your demo session today so you can see for yourself how well the BT300 performs.

Call 1300 406 171 or log on to piranhachippers.com.au.

Image: Piranha Woodchippers
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