PETZL’S New Professional And Tree Care Solutions

This year Petzl will add to their bespoke Arborist collection with the introduction of some great new products to their ‘Tree Care Solutions’ range.

Petzl’s new tools of the trade are designed for the professional Arborist with a mind to making their job easier, more organised and safer while also considering the protection of the trees that are their office.

New 65 L and 85 L Duffels
The team at Petzl have got you covered from the ground up with the new 65 L and 85 L Duffels to organise and store and transport your kit in. Made of high-strength TPU tarp fabric, they’re built to last. They offer a variety of carrying options, with comfort-padded shoulder straps that are removeable and double stitched grab-handles for lower profile carriage. The large, single-flap, opening makes seeing inside easy and access quick. An additional end-pocket is great for boots or protecting your helmet when in transit and the large, clear, window-pocket means the bag can easily be identified.

EJECT friction saver
Once you’ve got your kit out of the Duffel and you’re ready to set your main line the new EJECT friction saver is a necessity. As well as providing protection to the tree, even in narrow forks, it offers multiple setup configurations on one or two branches. Its unique adjuster makes precise anchor setting easy and affords less friction when set so greater protection of the tree.

The EJECT can be used for an SRT ascent and then DRT manoeuvring aloft. This is enhanced by the large, diametre, high-efficiency pulley that makes for smooth rope glide and effortless, friction-free movement.

When all’s said, trimmed, pruned and reduced, there’s no need to climb all the way back up to where the EJECT was set. Simply drop out of the tree, attach the Retrieval Ball to the end of the main-line and pull it back through. The ingenious release mechanism will only open when there is not a rope threaded over the pulley. This safety lock is only overridden when the Retrieval Ball, being pulled through after the rope, hits the one-way release that in turn opens the strap attachment point, thus allowing the EJECT to fall back to the ground. Its narrow, flat-webbing construction makes it less likely to get hung-up on anything on its way down.

NEWTON range of harnesses
When the job doesn’t call for lines to be set and limbs to be walked but instead working from a bucket or mobile Boom is the order of the day, Petzl’s NEWTON range of lightweight, fall-arrest harnesses are the go-to for keeping you safe and comfortable all day. The range is comprised of the NEWTON, NEWTON FAST and NEWTON EASYFIT. Each option offers a different level convenience and features but all designed with optimised ergonomics and wearer comfort front-of-mind.

Stepping up from adjustable, double-back leg-loops of the NEWTON, to the FAST LT, double-action buckles of the NEWTON FAST these harnesses make for easy donning and doffing. The top of the line NEWTON EASYFIT incorporates the FAST LT, buckles and adds in large format pouches and comfort padding in the leg-loops. An added benefit of these newly updated models is that the leg-loop padding is available as an accessory and can be fitted to the two entry level versions. The integrated gear-loops mean that all your essential tools are on-hand and easily accessible.

There is also another great accessory for these harnesses, a unique, individually available, high visibility vest that can be seamlessly added to all three harnesses and securely attached. It in no way obstructs any of the key fall-arrest rated connection points and is available in fluorescent yellow or orange. Both vests have 3M Scotchbright™ reflective strips, vertical on the front and in an X on the back, making the orange option suitable for Rail Work. There is also a large, clear, breast pocket for personal ID, White Card or other key identifying material. Their tough manufacture affords an added level of protection from the elements too. These handy, high visibility accessories are essential on worksites where being seen is a must.

These new comers to Petzl’s already extensive range of Professional and Tree care solutions are just a peek into a suite of other new products due for release from Q2 2021.

For all further gear enquiries and support contact your local Petzl Arborist retail dealer.

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