Outrigger Pads. Essential Safety

Safe Support. Unbreakable Stability.

Access equipment, specifically spider lifts, have become an integral part of the Arbor industry with owners benefiting from three core elements – safety, efficiency and increased productivity.

A key accessory to ensuring these core elements, as well as that of operator safety, equipment longevity and performance, are Outrigger Pads.

What are they and what do they do?
The pads are used to expand and disperse the point of contact pressure (PSI/PSF) from the equipment’s outrigger/pontoon/shoe/float, across the ground surface. This weight dispersion ensures stability to the outriggers, allowing equipment to be used on uneven ground – a common occurrence for arborists.

Over 50% of crane and spider lift failure involves a collapse from improper use of outriggers.

If you’re considering using outrigger pads (and you should!), it is important to use the best quality. LODAX Pads will ensure the lowest risk to both the equipment and the operator. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, they’re backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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