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Ongoing Training And Development Benefits

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Skilled staff – encouraging learning and professional development.

Ongoing training and development is important for both employers and employees, helping to improve and grow the range of services a business offers, and laying the foundation for individual development and career progression.

Of course, in the arboriculture industry the scope for learning is vast, from being able to diagnose and treat issues across various plant and tree species, to operating machinery, from chainsaws and pole saws to stump grinders and wood chippers, to climbing and working at heights.

Highly skilled arborists with a broad knowledge are a valuable commodity, especially so amid an ongoing trend of labour market shortages – and industry, encompassing businesses of all sizes, can collectively benefit from facilitating a culture of training and development.

The Employer’s Perspective

From the employer’s perspective, it is, of course, important to have staff who conduct themselves professionally, who are able not only to work independently but also efficiently across a range of tasks.

Internally, overseeing an environment that is encouraging of learning and professional development can provide a range of benefits, and it is worthwhile utilising the different resources at a business’ disposal, including encouraging mentoring, in case the expertise is available.

Externally, engaging training providers can help employees to further develop their knowledge and acquire specialised skills, which can then be put to use across specific operations.

Government Funding

It is also well worth looking into whether a business is eligible for government funding, and researching the range of programs available that could be of benefit to both employers and employees.

For instance, employers may be eligible for government financial assistance under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, including the Additional Identified Skills Shortage payment (arborists are one of 10 occupations listed as experiencing national skills shortages), with further information available at the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Among the benefits of training and development for employers are:

  • Being able to identify and address areas of a business that are in need of bolstering, improving employee performance and potentially providing an opportunity to develop new services
  • Promoting staff morale, helping employees progress in their careers and creating an environment that is conducive to providing a sense of purpose and achievement
  • Given the hazardous nature of many activities in the arboriculture industry, it is additionally important to ensure staff are adequately prepared.

The Employee’s Perspective

From the employee’s perspective, building knowledge and a range of qualifications can open up opportunities and provide a clear pathway to career progression.

In this respect, it is important to recognise and embrace opportunities to learn, and to maintain an open dialogue with an employer, both regarding potential training and development and future career trajectory.

Apprentices may be eligible for government financial assistance designed to help with the costs of undertaking an apprenticeship, with further information available at the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Training And Development Benefits For Employees Include:

  • Development of new skills, which in turn can help with career progression and ultimately bolster earning capacity
  • Cutting down the copy a bit. Replace with: Greater job satisfaction and being equipped to tacklea range of tasks
  • Help to confirm career goals and provide greater certainty about the path forward.

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