Next Generation HANSA Chippers

Starting 2021 in style, popular chipper brand Hansa has launched an exciting new range of commercial chippers – the new era in chipper design for arboriculture in areas with tight or restricted access.

The Hansa chipper range features three new models of 7” and 10” capacity chippers powered by the mighty Deutz diesel engines.

Customer focused service and product reliability have always been defining factors of Hansa chippers, so it was important to select an engine supplier that would meet the rigorous demands and requirements of a commercial chipper.

Collaborating with their customers, Hansa found that Deutz engines have a great reputation for reliability and also has Australia based facilities to ensure quick supply and service support. Looking beyond the engines the engineering team also took the opportunity to incorporate other changes and upgrades, to futureproof the chippers and herald a new era in chipper design. The machines feature a new software control system, aesthetics that turns heads, as well as focus on safety and serviceability.The new range includes three models:

  • C45, a 7” x 13” capacity trailered chipper
  • C65, a 10” x 18” capacity trailered chipper
  • C65RX, a 10” x 18” capacity remote controlled tracked version.

Along with listening to customers recommendations, Hansa’s Engineering Manager Mitchell Sanson had many reasons for choosing the Deutz engines.

“Good reputation, cost effective, simpler engine design and maintenance (because it doesn’t have water cooling). Many of our customers approved and supported the change, having had good experiences themselves with Deutz powered equipment. As well as being non-turbo and air-oil cooled, Deutz have long service intervals with a heavy-duty design,” Mitchell said.

With an extended 250hr service interval, operators are able to rely on Hansa’s doublesided knives for optimum performance between changes. The Hayes coupling isolates the Deutz engine from the cutting forces for optimal reliability.

“The range sports the Deutz F3L2011 or F4L2011 engine, which are three and four cylinder and diesel air-oil cooled to give Hansa’s chippers an unbeatable power without excessive bulk or weight. On paper Deutz and the previous Kohler powerpack look similar, however in reality we’ve seen during testing that the high torque of the Deutz engine really makes a difference to the chippers performance,” Mitchell added.

The new kerb-side mounted controls on the latest models ensure operators are not exposed to traffic. Designed for safety, the new Hansa range has streamlined angles that doesn’t just serve aesthetics.

Other new features include an IFM controller which has less hardware but advanced software for engine management, auto-feed control and safety circuit. The new electronic cabinet keeps the components safe, dry and easily accessible.

Lastly, it’s hard not to miss the new aesthetics to the range. With previous models sporting a standard green, the new black and yellow design is really making a statement. Hansa like to keep their clients branding look on point – hence why they offer customisations of colour and logos to their chippers to suit client’s needs.

Machines in the spotlight
C45 Chipper

The powerful hydraulic feed system of this 48HP diesel-powered C45 chipper makes it easy to process any material. Its 13” wide feed opening pulls bushy and twisted branches with forks into the machine

without effort. Operators can activate the feed roller with the control bar and the rest is taken care of by the electronic automatic sensor feed system. Like all of Hansa’s commercial chippers, the C45 is compact and manoeuvrable – a low weight to capacity and power ratio, well balanced and with low centre of gravity.

The C45 is Hansa’s smallest diesel-powered chipper and features a height adjustable outlet to suit discharge into a range of truck heights.

The C65 family
Arborists tackling bigger jobs in suburban areas will often opt between the C65 or, if working in tougher terrains, the remote controlled tracked C65RX option.

Known as one of the toughest tracked brush chippers in the industry, its real beauty lies in its power-to-weight ratio, along with a range of optional features with huge benefits for the serious arborist.

The trailered C65 weighs in at 1825kg when fully kitted with options, making this 65HP 10” capacity chipper, one of the lightest brush chippers of its size on the market, ensuring an arborist’s job of getting into areas that don’t accept industrial sized machines easier.

The C65RX tracked brush chipper with remote control boasts an

18” wide opening and weighs in at 2115kg. The remote allows the operator to navigate the 65hp machine over rough terrain or soft ground from a safe distance.

Hansa offers several optional features for the C65 family with one of the most popular being the hydraulic winch. With up to 1.8t of pulling power and 40m of rope, the winch speeds up the physical working process meaning you can wave goodbye to dragging heavy branches, especially those on sloped terrain. Fatigue is reduced enabling a safer work place for all staff members.

The optional hydraulic lift-and-crush is a great addition to aid feeding heavy foliage and awkward branches as well as quickly clearing feed roller jams caused by over-sized material. The lift-andcrush effectively triples the bite force and can be controlled from either side of the inlet chute.

Maximise the return from your tracked investment combining the C65RX with the custom T20 trailer, a trailer designed specifically for transporting the Hansa C65RX. Use the C65RX on the trailer, as a trailed chipper or track it to site using the remote control. When used on the trailer, the inlet chute is at the same height as the towable C65 so you can put your tracked chipper to work

everyday, on or off the trailer. The built in ramps and tie downs make it a breeze to load within one minute. With a low centre of gravity, the trailer provides a stable base for transporting your tracked chipper.

One of Australasia’s biggest arboriculture service providers, Treescape, uses Hansa’s 10” chippers to keep its business running smoothly and efficiently.

Business Manager Lian Polack commented, “We chose the tracked model chipper for the flexibility on our work sites. Being able to track into difficult access sites but also being able to chip whilst still on the trailer into our tip truck makes it very versatile. One of the main differences between the Hansa and other tracked chippers is the ability to use the chipper on or off the bespoke trailer.

“Our crew’s feedback was that the chipper was easy to use. They enjoyed the versatility of being able to reduce winching/dragging time on site and the feed tray was a good height/width. Most importantly, they felt that the C65 was a lot gruntier than they expected,” Lian concluded.

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