Next Generation CAT® 538 Forest Machines

Half-a-century and counting. That’s how long Caterpillar has been in the game, supplying cutting-edge purpose-built forest machines.

While their technology and equipment have advanced leaps and bounds since those early days, their commitment to delivering reliable, productive equipment with strong customer support has remained steadfast and true.

The arrival of the Next Generation Cat® 538 GF and LL Forest Machines mark a pivotal point in product development for trees-to-truck forest equipment solutions. You can now log more hours with up to 10 per cent more productivity with 10 per cent increased swing torque, 12 per cent faster travel speed and 15 per cent higher ground clearance compared to previous Cat Forestry models.

Undercarriage reliability and durability
In addition to reinforced booms and sticks, one huge differentiator in machine durability is the undercarriage. As the link between the ground and upper body of the machine, the undercarriage bears the brunt of many stresses. It is why Cat put so much time and effort into them, starting with High Wide undercarriages to make traveling over stump-laden forests trouble-free.

Clear the way for comfort and safety
Jobsites where forest machines go are notoriously rugged, challenging and treacherous. Designed for comfort and to protect operators from fatigue, stresses, sounds and outside temperatures, the new cabs take the hard out of work with safer and roomier cabs.

The certified forestry ROPS cab is sound suppressed, sealed and 25 per cent larger than previous models with a wider and taller door. Larger windows and lower front profile provide 50 per cent greater visibility. Cab risers are available for greater land clearing efficiency.

Like all Next Generation excavators, the 538 comes with high-resolution touchscreen monitor, customizable joysticks saved with Operator ID and an easy keyless pushbutton that adds security.

Cut maintenance costs
With extended and synchronized service intervals, the 538 Forest Machines let you spend more time working and up to 15 per cent less in maintenance costs than previous models based on 12,000 hours. You will experience extended maintenance intervals as the new Fuel & Hydraulic filters come with longer service life. The new high-efficiency hydraulic fan with programmable automatic reverse function to help keep core parts clean and consolidated filter locations and grease points reduce service time.

Features at a glance

  • More comfort with +25% more space
  • +50% improved operator visibility
  • New car body increases ground clearance by 4”
  • Heavy-duty upper and lower frames for widespread applications
  • Durable forestry guarding on side doors and hinges
  • Hydraulic reversing fan system
  • +10% swing torque increase vs. F Series CAT excavators
  • +6% larger diameter swing bearing
  • Enlarged swing drive
  • Ground-level access for easier maintenance.

Now is an exciting time for the industry and Caterpillar as they continue to integrate Next Generation technology into the purposebuilt forestry machine platform. The Next Generation 538 builds on a reputation as a solid performer with rugged reliability by being more productive, more comfortable, and costing less to maintain so owners can spend their time moving more timber, loading more trucks, and maximizing their profit potential.

Contact your local Cat dealer to find out more about the Next Generation 538 machines and ask about Customer Value Agreements (CVA) which gives a certainty over maintenance cost and uptime.

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