New Ways of achieving superior results

The company took its present form after permanently relocating from the United Kingdom in 2018, gradually re-entering into the Australian market. Grandview Gardens QLD is a family-owned business, predominantly covering western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland.

Michael Rudd, proprietor says: “Our business vision has always been rather unique in comparison to many other businesses out there, with a focus on gaps in the market and new ways of achieving superior results. That’s where the beginnings of our relationship with Monitor Lifts started.

Having used spider lifts in the UK we always knew that this was the way forward for us. After a rocky start of trying to purchase one, we managed to secure our spider lift from Monitor at the beginning of 2021. The benefits of owning and using one daily outweighed the financial commitment and we never looked back. Take it this way, our beloved spider lift is like a designer handbag. You want to take it everywhere and never leave it at home. So it goes with us and we make sure we utilise it to its full potential. In fact, we make our jobs fit around the spiderlift so we have to use it. How we survived without one is now unimaginable.

“We purchased the PB 1575 Electric/Petrol powered narrow access EWP mounted on crawler tracks. The customer care from the Sydney team and now the team in sunny Brisbane has been always exceptional. There is always somebody available on the phone, with courteous attitude and willingness to assist. From the sales team, the accounts department through to the service team, we get flawless and attentive wrapped around care. This has been invaluable particularly with the complexity of the machine and too many questions we had at the very beginning.

“Our spider lift now wrapped in our company graphics is a head turner. Not many companies own one around here and we have noticed that particularly the female customer base is more than delighted and rather envious. I think we had around three clients dreaming of purchasing one in the future.

“It is worth mentioning that educating our clients takes a bit of time as not many are familiar with the set up and the use. We tend to show photos and videos and explain until the D-day when the customers fall in love with the precise pruning works, sharp hedging and accessing inaccessible areas. Over the past six months we have noticed increase in customer base requesting a cherry picker to be used for their works, so certainly a bit of educational stance and perseverance helps.

“Our spider lift has multiple benefits. We predominantly run it on the batteries and recharge it at the end of each working day. This ensures a quiet operation which is a customer-pleaser, particular since Covid started, as many people are now working from home. We are able to access the very tips of trees and prune precisely in line with Australian and arboricultural standards, rather than “lop off” as we can’t reach any further. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, and having a spider lift fits in with our egos well.

“Would I buy another one again? Yes! We would and we will upgrade in the future. We don’t just use our spider lift for tree work; we access gutters, help tradies to hang air conditioning units, install swings for children and fit wildlife boxes. I cannot recommend the purchase enough. Having reliable and safe equipment is part of our success I guess, and with a company such as Monitor Lifts that respond as they do, this makes our work life much more enjoyable.”

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