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New Specialty Ropes Designed For ARB Work

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For 2020 Petzl has released two specialist arborist ropes. The FLOW 11.6 mm and CONTROL 12.5 mm are specifically designed with the professional arborist in mind.

The FLOW 11.6 mm and CONTROL 12.5 mm ropes see a further refining of their arborist products and compliment last year’s releases of the SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses, ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks and the KNEE ASCENT kits. Petzl has also updated and re-released their excellent helmet range that now feature fully modular accessories.

The FLOW 11.6 mm and CONTROL 12.5 mm are low-stretch Kernmantle ropes designed for arb work. The FLOW’s small diameter ensures good performance in terms of flexibility and weight. While the thicker CONTROL ensures excellent grip and high strength. Both ropes feature EverFlex technology that guarantees they’ll start out flexible, with excellent handlingand will maintain that throughout their working life.

Each rope is spliced at one end for easy-glide through Friction Savers, pulleys and travelling in and around tree limbs without snagging. The compact, spliced eye, means threading the FLOW or CONTROL into your ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik is a breeze and helps to keep a karabiner correctly oriented and in place.

Both the FLOW 11.6 mm and CONTROL 12.5 mm are available in two colours, green or orange, bright enough to be spotted when installed in a tree and in three lengths, 35, 45 and 60 metres. Ideal lengths for working in trees. Theses ropes are certified to European and North American Standards, have excellent strength ratings and low elongation percentages. Making them great for accessing a tree and then working effectively and efficiently aloft.

Petzl has been synonymous with industry leading helmets for working at height for years and their updated range of VERTEX and VERTEX VENT alongside the brand new STRATO and  STRATO VENT continue the story.

The VERTEX is now certified to AS/NZS 1801.1:1997, making them the ideal choice for jobs where Standards are sought after. The VERTEX VENT continues to be the go to helmet for the hot work an Arborist does, day to day. While the STRATO range offers the user a, lightweight alternative with all the excellent protection features.

Both ranges now offer, tested and certified, side, front and back impact protection in addition to industry best, top impact protection. Petzl’s unique DUAL

Chinstrap, gives the wearer the flexibility to adjust its breakaway strength. From being set to >50 kg to ensure the helmet can’t be pulled off by an errant branch, when manoeuvring aloft. To <25 kg to ensure a ground worker’s helmet is able to be dislodged, if the chinstrap gets snagged when feeding branches into a chipper.

The full range of modular helmet accessories can be mounted and dismounted easily without removing the helmet, thanks to Petzl’s EASYCLIP® mounting system. Giving the wearer great flexibility throughout their working day, to switch the eye or face protection they need during any given task.

Call the team at Petzl on (02) 9966 9800 for details.

For more information visit www.spelean.com.au

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