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New Mulchers Cat® HM2615/HM4015

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Caterpillar is pleased to introduce these two new mulchers to fit Cat® excavator and wheeled excavator machines and to meet customer needs in specific land management applications.

The new Cat HM2615 and HM4015 Forestry Mulchers are purpose-built tools for use in land management applications such as clearing right of way, roadside maintenance, removal of invasive species, vegetation management, and many more. The HM2615 and HM4015 models are an addition to Caterpillars current offering of mulchers on BCP SSL and Mini HEX machines customers are already accustom to. Both models will be a new solution for HEX and WHEX machines ranging from 11-26-ton class at a market-based price. Four part numbers will be available for ordering the  mulcher  head  alone with two of the part numbers being the bite limiter, differentiating between two rotors styles – standard rigid tooth and rotor with bite limiter ribs.

For machine compatibility bolt on brackets, hydraulic connecting lines, case drain lines, and wiring harness will be offered as separate line items to an order. This provides the flexibility dealers and customers need to fit multiple machine models. Both Mulcher heads include a hydraulic door designed to minimise debris throw and improve material refinement, as well as a staggered tooth design for high productivity minimising opportunity to stall the head.

Additional features include replaceable counter blades, bolt-on replaceable skids, replaceable protection chains, bolt-on replaceable carbide teeth cutters, multiple service access panels, and replaceable poly chain belt.

Key Features and Benefits

Variable Torque Hydraulic Piston Motor (High Speed-Low Torque / Low Speed- High Torque):

  • Field proven system to optimise productivity minimising downtime.

Rotor System

  • Designed so only one tooth at a time makes contact with the material
  • Less opportunity to stall the mulcher / Less work for the carrier hydraulic system
  • Increases productivity.

Replaceable Counter Blades

  • Distance between the rotor teeth and counter blades have a smaller area than the competition providing finer shredding of material
  • HM2615 weld on / HM4015 bolt-on.

Bolt-On Replaceable Chains

  • Provides debris protection from back of the mulcher.


  • Teeth provide better holder coverage reducing maintenance cost
  • Bite Limiter rotors include C/3 blade cutters from the factory
  • Non-Bite Limiter rotors include C/3 Double carbide from the factory
  • Typically provides (based on customer feedback) 500-1000 hours before C/3 carbide teeth replacement in normal operating conditions
  • Multiple teeth options available thru the parts system.

Mulching Door

  • Standard equipment on the CAT Mulchers
  • HM4015 Door Cylinder is completely enclosed and protected
  • HM2615 Door Cylinder has protection cover minimising exposure.

Bolt On Replaceable Skids

  • Provides differentiation over the competition who have weld on skids.


  • Access panels for easy accessibility to service components
  • HM4015 Side access panel recessed bolts
  • Easy access grease points for complete mulcher head
  • Additional reinforced bolt on side plates for better durability and longevity.

Contact your local Cat dealer for more info.

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