New insulated EWPs at Aerial Access

New insulated EWPs have had the Aerial Access workshop hard at work.

While it’s widely known Aerial Access plays a pivotal role in importing, manufacturing, and supplying the Versalift product across Australia for a diverse range of clients and industries, what’s not as commonly recognised is the company actively utilising these products itself.

Over the span of 27 years, Aerial Access has fortified an impressive fleet, exceeding 600 internal vehicles, all operating under longterm contracts to support major projects throughout Australia. Backed by four expansive, custom-built workshop facilities (with more currently under construction), a team of over 50 fully qualified service technicians and a dozen promising apprentices maintain an assortment of smaller satellite depots scattered across the country. From importing and manufacturing, to hiring, selling, using, servicing, testing, and rebuilding, Aerial Access is deeply immersed in every facet of the Versalift experience.


Aerial Access has been buzzing with new insulated EWPs making their way through predelivery. One such EWP is the Versalift VST7500i, flaunting an impressive 24.4-metre working height coupled with a staggering 14.3-metre horizontal outreach! While the team is usually accustomed to tinkering with the more commonly deployed EWP platforms, like the Versalift VST40i, it’s truly a spectacle when these heavy-duty rigs roll in for a bit of tender loving care.


The insulated Versalift VST5500i undeniably commands attention with its formidable presence. Boasting an impressive 18.4-metre working height and an 11.6-metre horizontal outreach, all firmly anchored on the robust Hino GT1528 4×4, one can’t help but be amazed at the capabilities these units bring to the table. Whether it’s tackling work off the beaten track or navigating through remote rural conditions, these units are sure to get the job done with unmatched efficiency.


For those in the market who don’t necessarily need the 4×4 functionality and are mindful of the overall travel size of larger units, Versalift’s Insulated VST5000i, mounted on Hino’s 1628 4×2, may be the ideal option. Even though it still showcases a substantial working height of 16.7 metres and a horizontal outreach of 11.2 metres, the operational versatility of these units is truly noteworthy. Consider the impressive capabilities of the VST5000i if you’re seeking a balance between functionality and travel convenience.

For those curious about the ins and outs of Versalift products, why not initiate a conversation with the knowledgeable team? A simple call to 1300 654 591 might unveil a wealth of insights, or log on to

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