New: Grapple Saw

The Dutch company GMT Equipment has introduced a new product: the GMT TTC grapple saw.

The new GTM products will enter the market as GMT035 TTC and GMT050 TTC. TTC stands for Total Tree Control. With the existing generation of grapple saws (GMT035 and GMT050), the branch will always tilt-down in a controlled manner after sawing. TTC combines the advantage of grasping the tree flexible with the ability to keep or hold tree sections in position when removing them.

This ‘tilt-blocking’ method is unique and the system is patented.

Working Safer

The mechanical felling of trees with a felling grapple is gaining in popularity. The biggest advantage is that the process is safer and more efficient than with traditional techniques. The new models of GMT Equipment’s grapple saws have been specially developed to make it possible to hold tree parts after the moment of sawing. Not only is the tilt cylinder of the grapple blocked, but so is the movement in all directions in the cardanic suspension. That means: flexible installation and fixed removal at the push of a button! There is no limit to the holding of the sawn tree sections, but for safety reasons, they are set at the factory to the maximum permitted loads of the crane on the load-bearing vehicle. The design and operation have recently been patented.

TTC: More Possibilities with Less Manpower

Director Michel Gierkink of GMT Equipment provides the technical explanation: “We have fitted a double knee joint above the rotation section and the attachment to the crane or telescopic handler. Each knee joint has a hydraulic cylinder and a number of brake linings. These brake linings are clamped in place by the hydraulic cylinder pushing both suspension lugs toward each other. One push of a button suddenly transforms our pivoting grapple saw into a fixed grapple saw. This makes it possible to pick a branch from the tree exactly in the position in which it is attached. This allows you to work much cleaner when picking apart and removing entire trees.”

GMT Equipment noticed some customers need more control when removing branches. TTC combines the advantage of movement flexibility with the ability to keep or hold tree sections in position when removing them. The crane or telescopic handler operator can now bring the felled timber to the ground with even more control. This creates more possibilities when felling sick or dead trees or when there is little or  no room to manoeuvre, particularly when there are surrounding objects such as houses, above-ground power and telephone lines or other obstacles. As a result, little loose wood ends up on the ground, which also saves a lot of manpower.

The Total Tree Control system is available in two variants: a 16 inch (GMT035 TTC) and a 20 inch (GMT050 TTC) felling diameter.

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