New Gear from DMM

DMM produces many of the most popular professional devices used by tree climbers today.

DMM ExtraSmall Impact block
Taking the knowledge gleaned from years of intensive use in the field of the two bigger impact blocks, Treemagineers have taken the design on in leaps and bounds. Compact, versatile and light, this block can be carried with ease on a harness and will put up with most of the daily demands of tree climbers out there. The new ‘jigsaw’ interlocking top bobbin gives impressive strength and security as it is forced closed as load is applied through it and the new locking screw design makes it doubly secure. Hollow axle and high performance bearings complete the package. The new ExtraSmall Impact block weighs in at 708 grams with a MBS of 100kN and accepts ropes up to 16mm diameter.

DMM Micro Vault
Secure hooks, wherever. For your gear on your harness, tools in the workshop, keys in the camper van or coats in the hallway, the lockable Micro Vault is your secure storage solution. Big enough to hold two full sized carabiners and strong enough to never flinch, the Micro Vault can be folded away when not required or fixed in place for easy access. Can be screwed directly into any substrate like wood or steel or attached to the harness directly or via the DMM Parking Lot on webbing up to 45mm.

DMM Parking Lot
Versatility, delivered on a plate. The Parking Lot is an adaptor plate that allows the installation of a range of DMM components to a substrate such as webbing. The Micro Vault, Stowaway and other components can be bolted to the plate via the multitude of holes adding greatly to gear storage options for your harness, work belt or bag.

DMM Stowaway
Storage loops with ultimate flexibility. Fix Stowaways to flat, curved or pliable surfaces to solve your storage issues. Available in two sizes, Stowaways are made of a robust elastomer that makes them easy to install, efficient to connect to and long lasting. Use them in the workshop or on your gear bags and harness to keep your kit looking great and well organised.

For further information and to find your local stockist, contact Expedition Equipment on (02) 9417 5755 or via email

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