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New BES Knife Boxes

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Wood chipper operators are now able to carry chipper blades safely thanks to the new range of BES chipper blade carry boxes available through Tree Care Machinery.

For many years wood chipper owners carried spare blades in cardboard boxes, towels, wooden blocks, wrapped in some type of tape or nothing at all. These methods provided little protection to the operator, failed to protect the knife while in storage and made it difficult and dangerous to carry.

Several years ago, Michael Gooden, previous owner of Tree Care Machinery in South Australia, designed a carry box to address some of these issues. While these boxes made it much safer to carry spare knives, they were difficult to assemble and cumbersome to carry as they had no handle.

The new BES knife boxes have been designed by Shane Cavanagh, Managing Director of Bushwood Equipment Sales Pty. Ltd. who was concerned with the safety of those people who were handling spare blades. “Most wood chipper operators have a set of blades on their machine, another set in their tool box, and a set with their local knife sharpening provider. The blades are extremely sharp and many of the larger blades are very heavy, so storing and transporting them is clearly a safety issue” said Shane.

The new BES box has been developed over five years in consultation with Icarcus Design, a South Australian industrial design company. Particular attention was paid to the type of plastic used, the way the box closed and the ease of carrying.

“We wanted to create a product that could carry the heavy knives safely, withstand the elements in the back of a ute, is easy and safe to carry and of course, affordable,” Shane said.

The box is made of high grade PPUV stable plastic, which is extremely strong and UV resistant. The design makes it easy to assemble and can be stored lying down or standing up. “To ensure the box is secured correctly, BES made closing the box a manual operation using a bolt and wing nut. The bolt and wing nut are located in the handle so anyone picking up a box can immediately determine if the box has been closed correctly.

BES knife boxes come in two sizes which can accommodate most chipper blades on the market today. The small box accommodates knives up to 8” (203mm) in length while the large box is suitable for all knives up to 10” (254mm).

As a special introductory offer to all Australian Arbor Age readers, BES are offering a free knife box with every set of blades purchased until the end of June 2019.

The new BES knife boxes are available online at www.treecaremach.com.au

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