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New Avant 800 Series

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Avant debuts new compact 800 series loader.

The completely new Avant 800 series is the largest and most powerful loader series to date from Finnish manufacturer Avant Tecno. It pushes the limits of compact loader’s performance with a huge 1,900 kg lift capacity and 3.5 m lift height. Its dimensions – 1.5 m wide, 3.4 m long, 2.2 m high and weight starting from 2,500 kg – and articulated design make the Avant 800 series a very versatile and powerful compact loader.

A hydrostatic transmission with a hydraulic drive motor on each wheel, combined with two drive speed areas is a familiar feature of Avant compact loaders. The maximum drive speed of the Avant 800 series is 30 km/h and auxiliary hydraulics oil flow for attachments is as high as 80 l/min.

The telescopic loader boom is standard feature on the Avant 800 series. The boom extends and retracts 825 mm hydraulically with a maximum lift height of 3.5 m to the hinge pin. This enables loading on trucks with high sides and unloading from high levels. The hydraulic self levelling system automatically keeps the load level when lifting and lowering the boom.

The Avant 800 series is equipped with a quick attach system – other systems like Euro 3 will be available as an option. The hydraulic attachment hoses are coupled with a multi connector, that allows easy connection, in all conditions, with a single hand movement.

The Avant 800 series has a certified ROPS/FOPS open cab as standard; an enclosed DLX heated cab is available as an option. This DLX cab mounts on the chassis of the compact loader with anti-vibration mounts, which guarantees excellent noise and vibration isolation. Efficient heating, ventilation and large windows further improve user comfort. The DLX cab can also be air conditioned.

The comprehensive Avant attachment range – over 200 attachments – is also available for Avant 800 series. This makes the Avant 800 series a very versatile and useful compact loader that is ideal for arboriculture, landscaping, construction, property maintenance, agriculture and materials handling.

It is anticipated that the Avant 800 series will be introduced into Australia in late 2019.

For information about the Avant range of compact loaders and attachments visit www.avantequipment.com or call 1800 686 411.

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