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The Australian Arbor Age magazine office is buzzing with new projects for the future of the Tree Industry. The mag has just celebrated its 25th birthday, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s been in touch in the past weeks to welcome me back to lead Mayne Media and AA. We’re as busy as ever and will soon have some updates and new ideas.

While I have my hands full, I’d like to announce the appointment of Cassian Humphreys as Sub-editor for the technical features. Cassian has been a contributor since 1999 and we are delighted to have him joining our team.

Letter to the readers from AA Sub-editor Cassian Humphreys Dear readers, I am grateful to announce I have joined the AA team in the role of Sub-editor.

As with my articles, my contribution is tree centric. For those who do not know me, I am a professional arborist (ex Merrist Wood UK) with 30 years in arboriculture (UK, Germany, Queensland Australia and PNG). As well as having decades of contractual experience I am an experienced consultant. I have been writing for The Australian Arbor Age since 1999.

I will now be writing Welcome Letters on behalf of publisher, Kurt, as well as supporting the new initiative, the Australian Arbor Age Expo.

We are all excited to unite and put some fresh energy into Australian arboriculture.

The fires of late 2019 and the COVID-19 of 2020 has nudged us to think on our sustainability. Arborists are in a unique position to offer increasing service for the greater good when it comes to tree care and environment.

As well as writing for AA, my input will be to assist with the Expo, and we are looking for contributions focussed on trees and resilience. To help counter the environmental challenge we all have to adopt strategies and systems of management that support greater resilience. Thanks to mainstream media many of us have become numb to the word ‘sustainability’ as a corny catchphrase that lacks heart.

If you have a voice and believe you can offer input into Trees, Arborists and Resilience we are seeking contributions in the form of AA articles, proposals for guest speakers and workshops for the 2022 Australian Arb Expo.

I am extremely glad to be onboard with a great team.

You can email me proposals on

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