National Eucalypt Day

National Eucalypt Day is coming on March 23, and in 2024, it’s all about our urban champions!

Join Eucalypt Australia as Australia celebrates the beautiful, resilient gums that shelter and delight, provide food and homes to wildlife, keep us cool and give character to neighbourhoods. Share your favourite urban eucalypts, whether in your garden, street or a park and follow Eucalypt Australia for eucalypt science, gardening tips, stories and competitions.

Vote for your favourite gumtree

Help find Australia’s favourite urban gum tree!

Eucalypts are a quintessential part of neighbourhoods, from the sprawling lemon-scented gums of parklands to red-flowering gum streetscapes and delicate silver princesses adorning front yards. To celebrate these urban champions, Eucalypt Australia has chosen 10 beautiful, resilient species that are perfect for urban environments and will release the list on February 20. Then it’ll up to you to decide.

Voting closes on the March 20, and Eucalypt Australia will announce the winner on National Eucalypt Day, Saturday, March 23rd.

Once you’ve voted, let the world know about your love for your favourite gum tree and why it deserves to win – this could be by photo, poem, letter, short story or artwork. Tag Eucalypt Australia and the hashtag #EucalyptoftheYear. Remember to rally your tribe and get a team behind your favourite eucalypt to help it win the gong by creating your own #Team hashtag (eg #TeamCoralGum). Get Australia talking about its iconic eucalypts and remembering its ecological and cultural importance.

By celebrating the nation’s love for eucalypts, Eucalypt Australia hopes to enhance their reputation in the community and spark enthusiasm for new champions of eucalypt conservation.

There’s plenty more gum-tree information and history at


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