Maximum efficiency with Monitor 190

Built in Finland, the Monitor 190 is a solid robust machine with its steel basket and rough terrain tracked drive system. Also, the 190 happens to be the fastest Spider Lift in all of Australasia, with its 5.2km/hr Drive Speed, incredibly quick auto leveling setup ability, taking speed and efficiency on the job to a whole new level.

The tracked system has a large rolling diameter, which allows easy egress of rocks, dirt or mud, preventing build up in and around the track system. Of course, the tracks provide excellent traction yet very low ground pressure with the tracks covering a greater surface area compared to the wheeled models in the industry.

The steel rollers (rather than rubber) limits wear and tear and the smart design of the sprung track system provides smooth

operation over rough terrain, clambering over gutters, and loading or unloading from the trailer.

Weighing in at only 2,680kg, the Monitor 190 is easy to transport and towable behind most utes allowing anyone with a standard car license to tow this machine on a trailer. With 19m of working height and 9.8m of horizontal reach, the Monitor 190 is the fastest and most capable Spider Lift in Australia that can be towed on a 3.5T GVM trailer.

With full radio control drive, the Monitor 190 is very quick and easy to operate. Being skid-steer, the Monitor 190 can turn on the spot, allowing access to tight areas. The auto leveling stabiliser legs are operated from the radio remote unit with one switch. This is very fast and accurate and ensures quick and safe setup.

The 190 Spider Lift is certified for two operators with an MRC of 230kg. The excellent outreach envelope ensures minimal setups and maximum efficiency. The strong all-steel construction guarantees a long trouble-free service life.

Uniquely, even the basket is steel, unlike all other Spider Lifts on the market which are softer aluminium.

Featuring dual power sources, the Monitor 190 is just as at home indoors as outdoors, making this machine one of the most versatile EWPs available. The 14hp Kubota twin cylinder diesel engine with auto-throttle is powerful, quiet, and very fuel efficient. This machine also has a 240V Electric Motor allowing the Monitor 190 to work be used, indoors also when required.

Monitor Lifts brought the Monitor Spider Lift into Australia over 25 years ago which was the first Spider Lift ever in Australia and are still supporting the brand in Australia and NZ today with unrivalled parts and service support nation-wide.

The Monitor 190 comes standard with the following features:

• 230kg Max Rated Capacity

• Radio Controlled remote

• Auto Leveling from the remote

• Manual leveling outriggers from the cage

• 360-degree slew

• 14hp Kubota Diesel engine and 240V electric Motor

• Direct hydraulic control for fast and smooth boom movements

• Electric emergency lowering system

• Optional 3 three speed drive, with a max drive speed of 5.2km/h

• The Monitor 190 is the only Spider Lift that is available with either tracks or 4WD tyres The unique knuckle boom design on the Monitor 190 allows this machine to have fantastic up-and-over reach and the fly-jib provides more manoeuvrability whilst elevated.

Another great feature of the Monitor 190 is that it has an excellent amount of travel in the outrigger legs meaning the machine can be set up on slopes of up to 13° with ease and slopes of a steeper gradient using the pig-sty packing method.

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