Monitor Lifts talent and world-class equipment

When it comes to expertise, experience and professionalism in the arbor game, you will struggle to find a more respected tree service in Melbourne than The Tree Company Arboricultural Services.

Specialising in large-scale tree management, including pruning, bracing, preservation, complete removal and plant health care, director Tom Aldous had come a long way from when he started ‘The Tree Company’ in 2000 with a VW Golf and a service station hired trailer.

Tom went straight from school to Burnley college in 1996, completing an Advanced Diploma in Horticulture/Arboriculture at the University of Melbourne. Then spent four years working with respected arborists in Melbourne and London.

The Tree Company is among Melbourne’s most respected tree service providers, operating out of two depots (Surrey Hills and Preston), and currently employs more than 60 passionate staff.

Today, TTC has grown from small beginnings to its current stable client base, including nine local councils, golf courses, commercial clients and schools.

TTC Directors Tom Aldous and Carl Dalla Riva

Carl Dalla Riva became Director in 2018 and is a qualified and well-respected Arborist with many years of industry experience within the local council and private sectors. Carl brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to TTC, particularly in the administration and management of key clients.

On a recent trip to Melbourne, The Australian Arbor Age caught up with Tom and delved into some history on both Tom and the business. “I just didn’t want an office job, and I was drawn to arboriculture after having an induction to different industry streams on offer (landscaping, nursery, parks and gardens, arb etc.). I met some influential students, and with my rock-climbing background, I gravitated to arboriculture. Much has changed over the last 20 years, and today we rely on world-class equipment including Monitor Lifts.

Tom has always attracted good people to his business, and several have made their way to the top over the years. “I have worked with and employed some of the best arborists in the world. Two long-standing past TTC employees recently came first and second in the 2022 ITCC Masters in Copenhagen (Barton Allen-Hall and Jerry Millar). Carl and I have been blessed with the talent we have attracted and continue to attract to our business,” said Tom.

Monitor Lifts, good people with great equipment

Having reliable, well-trained and qualified staff is one crucial part of the mix. The other is purchasing high-quality, reliable and modern equipment, tools and machinery, and that’s precisely why TTC purchase equipment from Monitor Lifts. Tom shared: “We are currently running with a Monitor 190 19m track mounted EWP and a Ommelift 2300EX (23m tow behind). We love these machines’ safety, quality, reliability, after-sales service from Monitor and excellent resale value. We demoed a few machines and settled on the Monitor 190 due to its unrivalled travel speed of 5.2km/hr, auto leveling speed, and solid steel booms and basket with additional arbor protection.

The Track system easily handles harsh and uneven terrain and, although it was more expensive than some other brands, I think it’s the Rolls Royce of spider lifts and we couldn’t be happier with it.”

Tom continued, “We were so happy with our Monitor 190 that, not long after the initial purchase, we bought a Monitor 2300EX Trailer Mount. The 2300EX is one of the tallest trailer-mounted EWP’s that can be towed behind 3.5 ton tow capacity vehicle. It has a 22.6 m vertical and 12.7m horizontal outreach and is self-propelled to access tight spots. These two lifts give us the perfect combination for our needs to work safely and efficiently for our schools, councils, and commercial clients.”

Tom and ‘The Tree Company’ have built a great relationship with the team at Monitor Lifts over the years, particularly with sales representative Chad Firth whose industry and product knowledge has proved to be worth its weight in gold over the years. Chatting with Tom about this relationship,

he shared, “Chad has been awesome to deal with. He goes the extra mile with after-sales support, and our team always appreciates the free merch. The recommended and subsequently purchased equipment Chad has sold us over the years has made us safer, more productive, and more profitable. The quality and reliability of our equipment always help attract and retain staff.

It’s safe to say the growth and development of Monitor Lifts itself is nothing short of impressive since they imported their first ever Spider Lift into Australasia from Leguan Lifts in Finland in 1997. Monitor Lifts is a family- owned company run by Tim and Ben Joyce, who have a customer-first attitude and have built a culture based around quality products and support.

With Service centres in all major capital cities, service trailers, trucks, (and even an aeroplane for urgent applications)! Monitor can provide first class care for customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Key Features Monitor Lift customers look for in their Spider Lifts are quality, rugged reliability, user-friendly functions, and backup support. Having sold to the Arbor Industry for 25 years, Monitor understand that efficiency is crucial in the Arbor Industry. Monitor Lifts, having over two million dollars of parts in stock and service centres available to care for their customers at short notice, shows their commitment in this area.

Passionate staff

Finding the right mix of staff and the size of the team can be challenging for many businesses, but it seems directors Tom and Carl are happy with the current business size and model and are content with where they currently are. How could you blame them with such a great team of passionate, devoted staff and a vast mix of varied work.

It seems like if TTC is to purchase any new gear in the near future, it will be building on what they already have as they are already talking about another Monitor 190 Spider Lift as, at present, it gets booked out every day and is constantly getting shuffled between our two depots. Having one at each depot would be a logical next option.

When asking Tom if he had any advice for other Arborists, he shared, “When still on the tools, maintaining strength and condition is super important and always being aware of new technologies that make the job safer, easier and more productive is important. To quote Richard Branson: “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business.”

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