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Monitor Lifts Helps With The Bushfires

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Monitor Lifts have been supplying Spider Lift EWPs into many interesting parts of the world for 23 years now.

From Antarctica to Aurukun, from Maningrida to Mildura, Groote Island to Hobart, Auckland to Invercargill, Brisbane to Perth, or anywhere in between, you’ll find Monitor Spider Lifts of all shapes and sizes working in industries from arboriculture to construction, shopping centers to coal mines, off-shore rigs to land-based telecommunications.

One of the more recent and interesting applications though, is the current NSW bush fire zones that have wreaked devastation over a major part of the state.

With the devastation has come serious threats to native animals such as Koalas.

Thankfully with the amazing capabilities of the Monitor Spider Lifts, there has been some relief provided to these animals in danger.

The following letter was received from one of Monitor Lifts’ clients working near Port Macquarie, NSW with a Monitor 1890 Spider Lift:

“Hi Ben,

Attached are a few pictures of some of the Rescues we have been involved in. We have been on the fire grounds nearly every day since November 2 – plenty of pictures to show.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has been calling on us to rescue Koalas for more than 10 years now. We used to climb the trees and attempt to get close enough to bag capture them. This was usually not successful, especially on larger species. The introduction of Monitor Spider Lifts has been a real game changer. There are not too many that we cannot rescue now.

We can safely access the canopy with two operators and retrieve Koalas that may be hard to handle such as mothers with small joeys on their backs or that are severely injured. Recent bushfire casualties with severe burnt claws and wounds can be carefully retrieved with care and bagged without causing too much stress.

A large number of the Koalas that you have seen receiving treatment at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital were captured using the Monitor 1890 Spider Lift. Big thanks to Monitor Lifts! Thank you”

Peter Berecry

AQF 5 Arborist

Port Tree Fella Pty Ltd

We would like to thank Peter and his team for his great work, and glad to hear that they were kept safe while performing the rescues with a Monitor Spider Lift.

With the low tare weight, the Spider Lifts can be easily towed behind a 4WD. Then with the track drive, accessing rough locations or working on sloping ground can be achieved.

For more information on these great range of machines, with units from 8m to 43m working height, contact Monitor Lifts now on (02) 6755 6000, freecall 1800 025 024, or email sales@monitor.net.au

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