Monitor Group unites for the arbor industry

Monitor Group offers the world’s best equipment supported locally.

In an industry where reliability and support are paramount, the arbor sector has seen the rise of a new powerhouse – Monitor Group. Comprised of Global Machinery Sales, Monitor Lifts, and Waimea, this amalgamation has given birth to a formidable entity with a singular commitment: ‘The world’s best equipment, supported locally’.

Monitor Group has established itself as the number-one provider of equipment to the arbor industry. Image: Monitor Group

Complete arbor service

As one cohesive unit, Monitor Group has emerged as the ultimate onestop equipment supplier for the arbor industry. Its extensive portfolio covers a diverse range of categories providing solutions for every facet of the business. From ute- and truck-mounted elevated work platforms (EWPs) under the Monitor Vehicles category, to an array of tree-care equipment like Morbark and Först chippers, Rayco stump grinders, forestry mowers, and Boxer mini loaders offered by Monitor Tree Care, this conglomerate has it all.

But that’s not all. Monitor Access brings spider lifts to the table, and Monitor Lifting introduces mini cranes. What sets Monitor Group apart from the competition is not just the variety of offerings, but its unwavering commitment to quality and support throughout the lifespan of its equipment.

Tim Joyce, the co-founder of Monitor Industries, recognises the pitfalls many consumers face in this industry. He wisely points out it’s often during years three to five of equipment ownership the real challenges surface. It’s when machines age, and they require parts and service, that the true test of a supplier’s commitment begins. Many brands enter the market with grand promises but fade away when the going gets tough, leaving customers stranded without local support. In stark contrast, Monitor Group stands steadfast, providing support for every piece of equipment it’s introduced to the region.

Image: Monitor Group

The difference

What truly sets Monitor Group apart can be summed up in three key pillars:
1. World’s best equipment: Monitor Group prides itself on offering only the finest equipment from around the globe. It’s discerning in its selection, ensuring the products provided are built to withstand the rigours of the Australian environment. This commitment to quality ensures customers receive nothing but the best.
2. Local support with the Zero Downtime Guarantee: Local support is where Monitor Group truly excels. Its Zero Downtime Guarantee is not just a tagline; it’s a promise taken seriously. With dedicated technical phone support, a vast network of 27 service centres across Australia and New Zealand, and a fleet of on-site service vehicles and trailers stocked with essential parts, service is always within reach. Even in remote regions, the Monitor Group designated service plane ensures no customer is left stranded. And if, by some rare occurrence, downtime is inevitable, loan units can be provided to keep a business running smoothly.
3. Flexible finance options: Monitor Group understands every business has unique financial needs and challenges. That’s why it offers the most flexible finance options in the industry. Whether it’s hire-to-buy, buy-back, long-term hire, or inhouse finance, Monitor Group will work to tailor a financial solution that suits specific requirements.

Image: Monitor Group

Partner in growth

In a world where reliability and support can make or break a business, Monitor Group has established itself as the number-one provider of equipment to the arbor industry. Its commitment to ‘The world’s best equipment, supported locally’ is not just a slogan; it’s a testament of dedication to customers’ success.

With Monitor Group as your partner, you can be confident your equipment needs are not only met, but will be exceeded, ensuring the growth and prosperity of your arbor business.

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