Mobility meets versatility in a trailer-mounted boom lift

This versatile lift offers a maximum working height of 12.9m and a maximum outreach of 6.4m, with articulating boom sections that provide up-and-over capabilities and an outstanding working envelope. Outriggers enable placement on uneven surfaces, and the turntable offers 540-degree (noncontinuous) rotation, enabling this agile machine to tackle the trickiest of jobs.

The easy-to-use outrigger/boom safety locks and robust steel platform with two-man capacity provide the strength and stability for tree-trimming, harvesting and all manner of agricultural work. Additionally, the compact transport height of 2m, width of 1.6m and weight of 1460kg enables easy mobility for work on multiple jobsites.

The robust steel platform with two-man
capacity provides strength and stability.

Snorkel towable boom lifts are reliable, lightweight, compact, utilise self-levelling for the outriggers and are easily towed behind a utility with 2.0-tonne capacity. With an optional wheel kit fitted they can be selfpropelled for short distances.

Currently there are two operation options: the first is a petrol engine for those who prefer no batteries; and the second is the bienergy option (petrol and batteries) for those customers who wish to have a petrol-engine backup to recharge the onboard batteries.

There is an increase in the use of towable boom lifts globally as they are an inexpensive entry point into aerial equipment. Users can simply ‘tow and go’, as opposed to the traditional full-sized, self-propelled boom lifts that require delivery by a transport truck, making them impractical for completing multiple tasks at different locations throughout the day or week – jobs like tree trimming and other arboreal tasks.

For more information on Snorkel equipment and the MHP13AT, please visit or call 1300 900 700.
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