Mini Beast horizontal grinder: An all-rounder

Mini Beast

Bandit’s new 1425 Mini Beast horizontal grinder has changed the game for how Hurley Waterson and his team at Premier Tree Services have been able to tackle jobs throughout Perth.

The Bandit 1425 has all the benefits of a larger horizontal grinder scaled down into a compact, towable, 6.5-tonne machine, giving Premier Tree Services greater versatility of clients and job capability.

“I like the manoeuvrability of the wee Beast. A towable unit like this is gold,” says Hurley, Managing Director at Premier Tree Services.

“This machine allows for a broader range of customers at a more competitive price, whilst still maintaining the capabilities expected of this type of machine. This is my first Bandit to date but I’m sure it won’t be my last.”

Premier Tree Services has owned the Bandit 1425 for just under 12 months and has been impressed with the unit’s ability in processing almost anything from root balls and palm to whole trees and dirty mulch.

Mini Beast

“Over the past year, we have more than proven the 1425 as not just a machine for rescreening already mulched material, but also proven its capability in large scale commercial clearing scopes,” says Hurley.

“The work we’ve been doing with the machine is large scale clearing for the Mitchell Freeway PSP upgrade, mainly full eucalyptus trees.”

The screen of the Bandit 1425 can also be swapped out and changed to produce a finished mulch product to suit any number of applications. All features of the 1425 can be controlled from a remote control, allowing operation from a safe distance and reducing the number of staff onsite.

The backup support and after-sales servicing provided by Bandit has also been a major positive for Premier Tree Services. “The guys at Bandit give us great service.

Everything’s top notch, I can’t fault them,” says Hurley.

“I have known Jesse for several years now and he was a friend before I became a customer, so I saw first hand how he dealt with and treated his clients. Upon seeing the 1425 Beast in the Bandit workshop, it didn’t take long to organise a test-mulch… the rest is, well… mulch!”

With more than 18 years in the residential and commercial tree care industry, and a team of internationally experienced and qualified arborists on staff, Premier Tree Service bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Hurley and the team service Perth and the wider metropolitan area, specialising in tree cutting, tree removal, stump grinding, tree pruning and tree trimming.

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