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The Snorkel MHP15HD is an all-steel elevating work platform, mounted on a rigid towable trailer base for easy transport and set up.

The Snorkel MHP15HD has a simple three boom design with upper and lower booms and a two-meter articulating jib to provide ‘up and over’ capability.

The upper boom has full ‘negative angle’ capability, meaning that the upper boom and jib can be fully lowered to the ground, even when the lower boom is raised, delivering an extremely maneuverable working envelope.

Built with the arborist industry in mind, the Snorkel MHP15HD has a maximum working height of 14.8m and a maximum horizontal outreach of 7m at 8m high. Since the platform height is above 11 metres, operators must have the necessary high-risk work licence (class WP). However, a 10.9m keyed height lockout switch is fitted as standard, to allow operators without a high-risk work licence to use the machine when the lockout is enabled. The maximum platform height is restricted but the maximum outreach of the machine is not affected.

Manufactured to withstand damage from falling tree limb offcuts and branches, the base is fabricated from rectangular section steel tubes and plates and the stabiliser legs are fabricated from heavy wall RHS steel. The key aspect of the standard automatic stabilisers legs is simple one-touch stabiliser operation for easy setup, allowing the machine to auto-level even if the legs are on uneven ground.

The main turntable is mounted to the base on a full-sized combination slew bearing and gear, which is durable for the life of the machine and provides maximum stability for the booms and security or the machine operators. Boasting the largest basket size in its class, the Snorkel MHP15HD provides a wide two-person platform, measuring at 1.24m x 0.77m x 1.1m. This all-steel basket is fitted with recessed LED tail lights and a standard hydraulic platform rotator, allowing for increased maneuverability when extended, as well as accessibility to the basket when the operator is next to a wall or obstacle that blocks one of the three egress points.

The Snorkel MHP15HD is also fitted with power to platform cable as standard, permitting the operator to plug in power tools or other equipment into an outlet inside the basket, rather than run loose cables outside of the machine to a power source on the ground.

Offered with a 5.5hp Honda GX160 petrol engine, the MHP15HD is quiet, clean and has very low running costs.

As an extra option, this machine can be fitted with a diesel engine, 24-volt DC power, 240-volt AC power, or any combination of the two. If it is fitted with a combination of both power options, the sources work independently to provide ‘dual power’ capability.

The weight of a standard, petrol engine MHP15HD is 1,760kg, which is ideal for towing with most cars and light commercial vehicles. Compact towing dimensions of just 1.77m wide and 7.45m length make this lift a versatile and portable work at height solution.

Suited for easy off-road towing manoeuvrability, this lift is also fitted with class-leading heavy-duty wheel, axle, hub and suspension assembly, ideal for forestry environments.

The rugged and durable Snorkel MHP15HD has become one of the most popular heavy-duty towable elevating work platforms in Australia and is highly favored throughout the tree-management and associated arbor industries.

The Snorkel MHP15HD is a part of a family of six Snorkel towable boom lifts available through the official Snorkel provider, Ahern Australia.

To arrange a product demonstration, please call 1300 900 700

For  more information visit www.ahernaustralia.com.au

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