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Making Way For Effective Tree Removal

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Family-owned Woodrowe Tree Technicians wouldn’t be without its fleet of heavy-duty Vermeer BC1000XL brush chippers to ensure the safe removal of trees and vegetation around roadsides, driveways and powerlines.

Woodrowe Tree Technicians was established in 1995 predominantly as a vegetation control company, and has since expanded its service offerings to include traffic management and civil construction.

As specialists in the establishment, management and maintenance of trees, all work is carried out by professional arborists with a deep knowledge of best-practice environmental care.

Appropriate pruning is carried out according to the specific species, ensuring the future health and appearance of the plant. Woodrowe Tree Technicians can also develop maintenance plans for all types of vegetation.

The company services government, commercial, rural and residential customers across regional Victoria, and is the contractor of choice for several local schools and government agencies.

According to Adam Rowe, Operations Manager at Woodrowe Tree Technicians, the business has a fairly unique equipment fleet at its disposal, which is crucial to achieving successful outcomes on a variety of projects.

“As vegetation specialists, we have a combination of Elevating Work Platforms (EWP), tipper trucks and wood chippers on the road daily, along with reach mowers, tractors, forestry mulchers, loaders and broom systems ready to use as required.”

Woodrowe Tree Technicians has three Vermeer BC1000XL wood chippers in its fleet. Whilst able to chip through material up to 30.5cm, the BC1000XL reduces the need to trim material, and a 94.6L fuel tank maximises productivity by ensuring less time is spent refuelling

For Woodrowe Tree Technicians, safety was the biggest consideration in choosing Vermeer equipment.

“Safety is always our most important aspect when purchasing machinery,” Mr Rowe said.

“We also require reliable and easy to maintain machinery to ensure we are upholding our standards and meeting our strict deadlines for completion of contracts.

“Vermeer is yet to let us down.”

Mr Rowe said that Vermeer equipment offers some key project efficiency benefits over other alternatives considered “With any of our Vermeer equipment we know it is guaranteed to get the job done.

“If there are any repairs required, the parts are always readily available, and the after-sales support service that Vermeer offer is outstanding.

Woodrowe Tree Technicians has a strong relationship with its local Vermeer environmental equipment product specialist, Adam Cottrill, who works out of the Derrimut dealership in Victoria.

“Our time with Vermeer has been welcomed and recognised by Adam, who has made finding and buying parts a very easy process for us,” Mr Rowe said.

“The chippers are ready and waiting to be put to work from the moment they arrive in our yard.

“Adam always follows up with us after we have had the equipment for a few weeks to ensure things are going well and to see if we have any questions.”

Mr Rowe explained that it is vital for Woodrowe Tree Technicians to have a support system in place with its suppliers, such as Vermeer, as the quality of its machinery directly impacts the success of the business.

“We need to make sure we are staying ahead of the rest and have the knowledge of any new machinery, safety updates or anything else that may benefit our business. “Vermeer is in frequent contact with our management team to identify our needs and keep us up-to-date with the latest developments in the sector.”

For more information on Vermeer’s range of tree care equipment solutions, visit www.vermeer.com.au

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