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Maintenance Made Easier By Morbark

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With new knife and maintenance kits, Morbark strives to make keeping your chippers in tip-top shape a breeze!

SharpEdge® Knife Kits

Morbark’s new SharpEdge Knife Kits include the knives and bolts for your chipper, together in a handy box, providing added protection for your knives and safety for your operators. The kits stack easily on shelves, so you can keep the kits on hand. Best of all, you’ll enjoy savings of up to 10 per cent as compared to buying the kit parts individually. These kits are available for competitive chippers as well as Morbark models.

“It’s a great benefit to have everything in one complete kit. It eliminates downtime and shows that Morbark really cares about their customers using their equipment because everything’s done efficiently and done properly. I have everything I need right there to change my knives,” says Al Royer, owner of Royer Tree Service in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA.

A common maintenance mistake is when crews don’t have new bolts when they change knives on their chippers. Reusing bolts can cause stretching and additional wear on the bolts over time, resulting in fractures or even breakage of bolts, which could, in turn, cause damage to your chipper.

“I try to get my guys to switch the bolts every time [they change knives]. Unfortunately, the more machines you’ve got running, things get crazy. You end up with bolts and no blades and blades with no bolts. The kits are just easier and more efficient to have everything together,” said Dave Hughes, owner of Dave’s Tree Service in Kingston, New York, USA. “That way I know that those bolts are getting changed every single time we change blades.”

And you can feel certain you’re receiving high-quality knives. An independent testing facility tested SharpEdge knives against two competitive brands of knives and found the Morbark SharpEdge knives, on average, scored much higher than competitive knives for sharpness and durability!

Morbark Maintenance Kits

Morbark also offers filter kits for a variety of chipper engines. The filter kits contain the oil, fuel, air and hydraulic filters needed for the specific engine on your chipper. Like the SharpEdge knife kits, these maintenance kits provide all the parts needed for routine maintenance in a convenient kit at a cost savings.

“These maintenance kits come with everything I need specific to my brush chipper. Using them saves me time from looking up each component each time I order,” said Matt Bartelme, CEO of Bart’s Tree Service in Danbury, Connecticut, USA. “The beautiful thing is you get a discount by buying the kit. It’s really a no-brainer.”

Maintenance kits for Boxer mini skid steers are also available. The standard Boxer maintenance kits contain the appropriate motor oil blend and filters for your Boxer. Morbark also sells Front Idler and Mid-wheel Repair kits for Boxer compact utility loaders.

“These kits give our customers a convenient way to purchase maintenance items with one part number, taking the guesswork out of ordering individual parts,” Erika Snyder, Director of Part Sales, said. “The machine owner who insists on regular maintenance understands the impact to their bottom line. It not only extends the life of the machine but also ensures peak performance on the job each day.”

For more information, visit the following local Morbark dealers:

NSW/VIC: Global Machinery Sales, 1300 072 926, http://globalmachinerysales.com.au

QLD: Allclass Construction Equipment, 1300 255 252, http://allclass.com.au

WA: Westco Equipment, +61 (8) 9258 9333, http://westcoequipment.com.au

NZ: Stevens Products, +64 (9) 275 0443, http://stevensproducts.co.nz

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