Lucas Mill 30th anniversary

Lucas Mill, an Australian family-owned company, reached a major milestone in 2024 with the celebration of its 30th anniversary.

The company had its debut at Warragul Farm World in March of 1994 and has been an amazing success story since that time. While the original business plan was to sell 50 mills in its first 12 months, that target was blown away when orders for 50 mills were taken in its first six weeks alone.

Passing the test of time

Three decades later the Victorian business has gone beyond the family’s initial dream of selling 50 mills a year, with the company boasting sales of over 23,000 mills sold into over 100 countries. The company has international distributors in all major countries, some who have been with the business almost since its inception.

Lucas Mill continues to enjoy success both in Australian and international markets, and currently over three-quarters of its sales export to a huge diversity of markets, from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the Alaskan wilderness and the Lakes District in England.

Lucas Mill owner with timber milled in Chile. Image: Lucas Mill

See for yourself

Field days are the company’s shopfront and it attends 30 shows in Australia each year (a list of upcoming field days is available at, with two technical advisors onsite and demonstrating throughout the events. Ian Schulz has spent his entire career working with timber and was a trainer on the Lucas Mill when he worked at Creswick Forestry School, while Kyle Roberts has gained a vast range of knowledge with the equipment operation and the timber industry in general.

Still growing

Lucas Mill’s product range has expanded over time to include five Circular Blade Mills (with an electric option for Model 8 and Model 10), three dedicated Slabber Mills (including the Super Slabber which can slab up to 2.8m) and a large range of optional extras, from complete planer kits to weatherboard attachments.

Find out more about Lucas Mill and see the complete range of milling equipment at

Image: Lucas Mill
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