Look At That….Want Want

Even the Lemurs in Madagascar have heard about the brand new Outback Silky Saws and like the rest of the world, can’t wait to get one. You’d think it was a Covid-19 jab. But no!

The Outback Silky Pocket Boy
Perfect for the backpack or the glovebox. It fits easily in either and comes with a hard plastic storage case.

The Outback Silky Gomboy
The perfect length for cutting firewood or clearing trails. It has its own hardened plastic case. All the Outback Range have the arbor composite non-slip handles and black, nickel/tin coated blades for longer lasting in rough conditions.

The Outback Silky BigBoy
Mountain Bike riding, hiking or on the trail bike. Strap this on your back and you are ready for everything that comes your way. Supplied with a protective carry bag.

Cuts Bone and Wood
Do your arbor work all week using the Zubat, pack these little beauties in the 4WD, and escape, for camping, fishing and hunting.

Call Nita at AtcProducts on (07) 3823 1599 or go to atcProducts.com.au/outback-silky-edition

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