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Log Splitting Has Never Been Easier

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Rex 900 Bulk Firewood Processor gets an update.

Continuing their dedication to constant improvement, David Burder and the design team at Whitlands Engineering have given their Rex 900 Firewood Processor a complete design overhaul. The original version was launched in 2005 and featured the game-changing multi head blade, which at 900mm wide, made light work of big blocks. For this reason, and a host of others – it has become the machine of choice for most bulk wood yards and firewood wholesalers. In fact, since its inception, the manufacturing team have built just over 70 units – all of which are still in use in Australia and New Zealand – one machine in South Coast New South Wales is about to notch up 30,000 hours.

The re-design has taken just over a year to complete, with the first machine leaving the factory recently. With the blade splitting principle well and truly proven, the improvements were focused on the block feed conveyor and the chassis layout.

The upgraded conveyer now features an innovative steel cleat system that automatically feeds blocks in increments under the blade for splitting, producing a much better sample of split wood with less wastage. Additionally, the legs are now adjusted hydraulically, making the set up process more efficient; and the outfeed elevator has been upgraded to 9.5m long – and also features a hydraulic winch.

The hopper holds 4 cubic meters of blocked timber and the three cylinder, 50 hp Deutz diesel engine and hydraulic package gives five-second cycle time, producing around 15 cubic meters of split firewood per hour with one operator.

Since 1993, Whitlands Engineering has been Australia’s leading manufacturer of wood splitters and bulk firewood processing machinery. Every machine is built by skilled staff in their Victorian workshop.

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