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A solution to split large logs lengthways.

Jared and David Burder, designers at Whitlands Engineering, have been busy with a new innovation. After a lot of research and discussion with participants in the firewood industries in both Australia and New Zealand, Whitlands Engineering found many yards were unable to handle and process the large and uneven logs that are accumulated as the result of logging and firewood operations. The Log Buster splits large logs lengthways ready for processing into smaller blocks for firewood. Breaking these logs down to a handleable size and able to then be reworked with a smaller type firewood processor is certainly an arduous task. Loosely based along the lines of the very successful Superaxe wood splitters, the team have designed and built their first Rex Log Buster designed to split large logs up to 3 meters long and 1.5  plus in diameter. The Log Buster gives ultimate mobility around the yard, resulting in massive savings in labour, fuel, and effort.

Requiring a 21-ton minimum excavator to operate effectively, the log buster can produce up to 90 tons of splitting force. The blade has a travel speed of about 100mm per second, the full travel distance through a 3-meter log

being about 30 seconds. In most cases the log will have broken apart long before the full splitting stroke has been reached.

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For more information visit www.superaxe.com.au

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