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Not all loaders are equal and that is definitely the case with the Avant 523 ArborPro loader. It’s ideal for arborists looking to improve productivity and tackle various jobs while preventing ground damage.

The tried and tested Avant 523 ArborPro trailer package is an unbeatable combination of loader, attachments and trailer for arborists.

Powered by a 23hp Kubota diesel engine this compact loader has the power to lift and move trees and logs with little effort. All Avant loaders have a rigid articulated joint which makes the machine extremely stable regardless of the load. The offset boom provides excellent visibility for the driver with a full view of the machine from the front to the back and sides, allowing for safe operation.

The self-levelling system automatically keeps the load level in all loader boom positions. With a lifting height of 2,790mm and lifting weight of up to 800kg the Avant 523 ArborPro loader is ideal for moving trees and feeding chippers.

Weighing only 1,300kg the Avant 523 ArborPro can be loaded onto a trailer and pulled behind a vehicle with little effort. It is also compact enough to load onto trucks for easy transportation.

The compact size, lightweight and articulated chassis allow the Avant loader to move quickly over ground without damaging surfaces. With a width of 1,130mm, a length of 2,450mm and height of 1,985mm the Avant 523 ArborPro loader can easily access backyards and hard to access areas.

With logical drive controls, driving an Avant loader is easy. The hydrostatic drive has just two pedals – one for forward and one for reverse – while the variable speed control and steering is power operated via a conventional steering wheel.

The boom functions are operated easily with the right hand and all controls are ergonomically laid out.

The Avant loader attachment connection system provides a simple and easy way to connect over 200 attachments.

The attachment can be locked or unlocked from inside the cab providing a safe working area around the loader.

The Avant 523 ArborPro Trailer package includes the key tools for an arborist, including an Avant 523 loader, log grab and 4-in-1 bucket, all packaged up on a quality, UK manufactured, Brian James trailer.

Avant loaders are manufactured in Finland by Avant Tecno, a world leading manufacturer of high-quality compact loaders and attachments.

To know more about the Avant 523 ArborPro Trailer package call 1800 686 411

For more information visit www.avantequipment.com

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