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Hacksaw won’t access that metal pipe? What’s the solution?

You can either take out the blade, wrap a roll of duct tape around it to make a handle and watch it bend or break as you push on it or you can take the metal cutting Silky Mini Mini from the toolbox and get the job done quickly and easily.

The Silky Mini Mini from Japan is small and easy to manoeuvre into tight places, but has the cutting ability of a full-size hacksaw and stays sharp four times longer.

These little beauties cut in both directions, on the pull stroke as well as the push stroke. They are so compact that take up practically no room at all.

The blades are only 160mm long and are made from top-quality steel, strong and flexible. They have the handles that absorb vibrations and come with a protective cover for the blade. No cutting the fingers as you dig through the tool-box to find it.

Another praised feature of Silky Saws in Australia is that replacement parts are available for all saws. Lose the screw, just order a new one! All parts are in stock in the Brisbane warehouse.

You also have the choice of two other blades that will fit on the Mini Mini handle: one designed for cutting plastic (great for conduit) and the other designed for hobbyists working with wood.

Silky Mini Mini is the right choice for a huge range of applications, with a very small price tag.

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